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by | Sep 15, 2021 | Home Tech
Drones have become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially for kids. And it’s easy to see why. Flying drones is both fun and educational, especially for parents looking for ways to get their children engaged in something other than a TV screen or computer monitor.
There’s a huge market for expensive drones designed for expert hobbyists or professional purposes. But there’s no shortage of fantastic options suitable for children and beginner pilots. And let’s be honest.
Your child won’t be flying drones as much as he or she will be crashing them…at least at the beginning.
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Here is our list of the best drones for kids with affordability and durability in mind. All you need to do is pick the right one for you—I mean, your kid. 
The Hornet is Altair Aerial’s most popular beginner drone, but pilots of all levels love it. For a reasonable price you get all the features and functionality of a high-end drone. 
It has a 120-degree wide-angle 720p HD camera that will inspire budding photographers. And the real-time FPV transmission allows the pilot to see exactly what the camera sees through the app on a smartphone.
An alarm system alerts the pilot when the drone is out of range or low on battery. The Hornet will land itself automatically instead of crashing before a battery dies. 
Reviewers are especially impressed with this Nebraska-based family-owned business because of their personal connection with customers. They stand firmly behind their products. 
Key Features:
With simple directional controls on a dedicated joystick, Force1’s UFO 4000 is a great starter drone for younger kids.  
Kids can practice their flying skills using two speeds and perform 360 flips by touching a single button. With an extra sturdy frame and bright LED lights this drone provides lasting fun.
Reviewers say the UFO is incredibly easy to fly. Some mention their 3 and 4-year-olds could get a hang of it.
Reviewers who reported receiving a defective product or losing the drone due to pilot error praised customer service. They were sent replacement drones, no questions asked. 
Key Features:
Toss this little drone in the air, watch it hover and wait to be directed. The Snaptain SP300 can be controlled with three different remotes: a standard mini remote, a water-drop-shaped remote, and a G-sensor watch remote. 
Parents will appreciate the infrared motion sensors that allow it to detect and avoid obstacles inside and outside the home. Kids will enjoy the three speeds of flight, bright LEDs, and the ability to perform stunts. All in all, a great beginner option.
Reviews were overwhelmingly positive for ease of use and value for the money. Most remarked on the sturdiness of the body and its ability to withstand crashes.
Key Features:
A great option for an older child, the SANROCK X105W has all the safety features a parent expects. It also has all the bells and whistles that will wow your kid.
Like other camera drones, it can be piloted through a connected smartphone, the remote controller, or VR Headset for a 3D experience.
Features like three flying speeds, emergency stop and a removable camera allow young pilots to focus on flying. As they gain confidence they can install the app’s functionality. They can create flight routes, play games with friends, etc.  
Overall, reviews are positive. The features and functionality are impressive considering the price point. Some parents suggest it might be better to start with a mini drone before graduating to the X105W.
Key Features:
Potensic produces some of the most affordable and feature-filled drones on the market. Their mini option does not disappoint. The A30W gets points for extra durability, a sleek design and all-body protection.
For less than $50 this drone delivers. There’s a built-in 720p HD camera that can be paired with a mobile device to enable FPV mode. And the pilot can choose from three flight speeds.
Reviews are positive, especially when it comes to durability. Many reviewers were surprised that propellers stayed attached after multiple, dramatic crashes.
The one recurring complaint is that there are no lights for nighttime piloting. Potensic customer service received high marks all around.
Key Features:
Some consider this inexpensive, no-frills drone the best option on the market for kids. The tiny remote controller with its simple buttons and commands fits tiny hands. It won’t intimidate novice pilots.
It is missing an altitude hold feature. But the one-key return will ensure this drone can find its way back “home” if it goes astray. The 3D rolling special effects and bright LED lights will keep your kid endlessly entertained.
Reviewers thought this was a fantastic drone for the price. There were a greater percentage of negative reviews compared to other drones on the list. This was due to complaints about durability.
Key Features:
Tello is an impressive, feature-packed little drone. It is not only fun to fly, but it helps your kid learn to code! How? The Tello app supports Scratch, a coding software your child can use to fly the drone, create games, competitions, etc. 
Getting started is a hoot. Just toss this 3-ounce quadcopter into the air and pilot through code or a smartphone. There’s no remote controller included.
Most impressive are the drone’s ability to perform 8D flips and the high-quality photos and footage produced by the camera’s Intel 14-core processor.
Tello’s extra safety features include safe landing upon lost wifi connection, automatic shortest path home when battery is low, and collision detection. And with a body made of impact-resistant nylon, your child will be enjoying this drone for a long time. 
Reviews of the Tello are overwhelmingly positive. But many consider this drone better suited for older children with some tech savviness. 
Key Features:
This kid-friendly drone has it all. It has the safety features you’d expect, plus the added durability of being constructed with ABS plastic. This drone can crash a lot and live to tell about it. 
Luckily there’s a gradual speed mode to help pilots gain confidence and master their skills. That way they can experience fewer crashes. 
This drone has a 120-degree wide-angle 1080p camera and real-time FPV transmission. For added fun, the camera and video can be activated by voice and hand gestures.
The slick remote controller has a built-in LCD display. It indicates the drone’s status, active features and speed for added safety and security. 
The thousands of reviews of this bestseller are overwhelmingly positive. It is known for sturdiness and quality. Every reviewer that interacted with customer service said it was a fantastic experience.
Key Features:
One of the larger drones on the list, the Cyclone is an easy-to-fly, slick design at a great price. It comes equipped with a 720p HD camera and real-time FPV transmission capabilities. But like other drones, it can be piloted by the controller. 
It has basic features like one-key return and only two speed modes. So it is a great choice for a new pilot. Your child will love flying at night with the bright LEDs.
Reviewers cite the quick learning curve for their kids to become proficient with this drone. They also mention superior customer service and added safety features like one-key return home.
Key Features:
Similar to the DROCON Cyclone, but smaller in stature, AKASO provides another kid-friendly option with the A31. 
For a little more money, the A31 is equipped with a few more features than the Cyclone. It has a 120-degree wide-angle 1080p HD camera (and real-time FPV transmission), one-button takeoff and landing, emergency landing feature, and three speed modes.
Reviewers consider this feature-rich drone the perfect starter drone for kids. 
Key Features:
This popular fold-up mini drone has all the features a kid would need. That’s assuming a 720p HD FPV camera is sufficient.
The low price includes all the safety and flying features the other drones offer plus the ability to pilot from a remote control or smartphone.
The D20 also boasts gesture control of the camera, piloting by voice, and emergency stop. It also has a pretty slick design. 
Key Features:
This 720p HD camera drone with real-time FPV transmission has a sweet price point. It has a ton of features and high-quality construction. Made from rugged ABS plastic, this drone is extra durable for young pilots learning to fly. 
As with other options, you can use the remote controller or a smartphone to pilot the S5C. Or you can go hands-free and give verbal flight orders. Simple gestures can control the camera.
There are nearly 9000 overwhelmingly positive reviews and many shout-outs to Snaptain customer service. This drone will not disappoint your child.
Key Features:
The X400W is another great starter drone for the price. It is equipped with a 720p HD camera and FPV real-time transmission, stunt buttons and bright LEDs.
Your child will be flying in no time with the extra simple controls, easy set-up, and two flying speeds.
Many reviewers commented that this drone is virtually indestructible. Others were disappointed that there was no altitude hold feature. And customer service got major props for their one-time courtesy replacement policy. Reviewers were impressed that it applied to cases of pilot error/flyaway drones.
Key Features:
Force1’s Scoot is a simple-to-operate hands-free, indoor flying UFO. With one-key takeoff/landing and no controls to learn, your child will be flying in no time. 
Several features make this drone safe for any age. The altitude hold keeps the drone at your child’s level. The obstacle avoidance feature keeps the pilot out of trouble. And the webbed shell construction protects tiny hands and fingers. 
Thousands of mostly positive reviews consider this a great drone for a child of any age. 
Key Features:
This drone is a no-brainer for helicopter fanatics. It combines the look of a helicopter with the functionality of a beginner drone. The simple remote control has one-key takeoff/landing and altitude hold. And when the three stunt buttons are combined with specific movements of the two joysticks, a pilot can perform 12 different stunts.
The automatic landing feature ensures a safe outcome should your pilot exhaust the battery during flight. And a large landing pad comes with the drone for added fun.
Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Some suggest it is best flown indoors since a slight wind could be challenging for a young pilot. 
Key Features:
As you consider the products above, here’s a quick rundown of the features that kid-friendly drones should have in common. Virtually every drone on our list has all of them.
Chances are you’re researching what will be your child’s first drone. And with a lot of great affordable options, there’s no need to break the bank. Most drones on this list are less than $60. You’ll be surprised by how much functionality you get at that price point.
Your child is going to crash his or her new drone. A lot. So it is important that its body is designed to withstand most obstacles. 
A kid-friendly drone suitable for indoor use should be able to shrug off bumps into walls and furniture (or avoid them with obstacle detection). An indoor/outdoor drone or should be able to survive tangles with trees and falls from a certain height. 
Headless Mode
This kid-friendly feature makes piloting easier by eliminating the need to focus on the drone’s orientation. In other words, it doesn’t matter which direction the front of the drone is facing. Pressing “right” on the controller will make the drone go right. 
Rotor/Propeller Protection
Guards or protective webbing over rotors and propellers protect small hands and fingers. But they also protect walls and furniture when flying indoors. Some drones have detachable guards that can be removed as a pilot gains confidence.
Altitude Hold
This feature keeps a drone hovering at a consistent altitude without any input from the pilot. It also helps prevent runaway drones that never return.
Single Button Takeoff and Landing
This allows a pilot to just skip past the tough part of flying—takeoff and landing—and get to all the fun stuff a kid can do with a drone.
There’s many ways for a kid to have fun with a drone besides just flying it around the house or yard. Here are a few suggestions for even more entertainment: 
There are a lot of options for drones for kids on the market today. We’ve sifted through them to bring you 15 of the best. We know your child will enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.