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by February 11, 2021
The best drones for kids with cameras are specifically designed for young pilots. Maybe yours has graduated from their Baby Shark phase, and now it’s time for some new toys that a little more advanced (but not too high-tech just yet). Kids are fascinated by drones with cameras, and it’s not hard to see why: they fly, they’re fairly easy to operate, and they can snap photos from a point of view your child could never have seen otherwise. While there are tons of drone options out there, many are more appropriate for adults, and finding the best drones for kids — especially ones with child-friendly cameras — can feel like a chore. You need to weed through the many choices out there to find something that is easy to operate, works well with little hands, and is durable enough to withstand whatever gets in its way.
When looking for the perfect drone for kids, look for one that stays at a stable height even if your child lets go of the controls. This helps to avoid an unnecessary crash that could end up breaking the drone. And check for propeller guards as well—you don’t want something that will cause an injury. Finding drones with cameras is a great way to keep your youngster entertained and allow them to dabble with photography more. You might want to opt for a mini drone that is easy to tote around and works well with small fingers. And if your kid has a GoPro, there are drones that fit those as well. Ahead, check out some of our favorite picks. (P.S. Check the listings because many of them have additional coupons you can apply — score!)
This drone is great for kids on the older side. It’s very user-friendly with just one button to press, so it’s not confusing for kids to figure out. Thanks to WiFi connectivity, videos and photos are automatically sent to the connected phone, making it really easy to share them on social media or with friends. There are protective propeller guards made with high-quality ABS material so that the drone won’t immediately break if it falls, making it a great choice for beginners. The altitude hold function makes sure it stays steady at one specific height, and gravity control makes it easier to use. One reviewer even described it as “indestructible,” which is definitely what you want for something a kid is using! Plus, all of this comes in at a pretty low price point for a good quality drone, which is a big plus.
$58.63 AT AMAZON

One of the things you want to watch out for when giving a younger kid a drone is the propellers; they can easily grab the propellors while they’re moving and end up getting an injury. One of the best things about this Eachine drone is that the propellers are guarded, making it a little bit safer. It’s also really easy to use, with just one button to push that controls the drone (meaning it’s hard to mess up), and an emergency landing feature to avoid collisions. It’s fun for kids, too: it has 3D rolling special effects and lights that make it glow in the night. The camera delivers high-definition video and photos, and you use a smartphone to capture these images. It’s described as a great pick for beginners, and one reviewer noted, “Great starter Drone for a 10-year-old!! Exactly what I was looking for… it’s very durable has been in nearly daily use for a month… taking lots of crashes, and holding up very well.”
$37.39 AT AMAZON

One potential downside about drones with cameras is that you usually have to use a smartphone with them in order to get the images. So, if your child doesn’t have a smartphone, you have to hand over yours. A big plus with this drone is that it doesn’t require the use of a smartphone because the controller has a built-in screen. It also has built-in GPS that puts the drone into failsafe mode if the connection is lost, allowing it to go back home and land on its own. Altitude hold keeps it stable and safe, and it is super lightweight. Note that on this model, there are really no propeller guards and it might be a bit more on the complicated side, so this one is best for older kids who have a little drone experience already.
$150.00 AT AMAZON

For kids who want a drone just to take photos and videos, this Holy Stone pick has an excellent camera to do exactly that. Gestures control means you can make certain gestures to get the drone to start snapping photos or taking videos, and altitude hold keeps the drone stable and safe in the air even if their hands end up off the controls. There are protection guards around the propellers just in case your child loses control and the drone hits a wall or a person. While the 20 minute fly time isn’t super long, reviewers agree that, overall, it’s a solid choice for a beginner.
$74.99 AT AMAZON

With its one-button control, this drone is ideal for beginners and kids who don’t know exactly what they’re doing. Gravity sensor control allows you to move your drone simply by tilting the controller, and stable altitude hold makes for a safe flight and non-blurry photos. The four circle propeller guards might make it look bulky, but it also protects the propellers as much as possible. The photos also automatically get sent to a smartphone through WiFi, which makes it easy for your kids to view and share them on their own.
$69.99 AT AMAZON

Made with first-time drone users in mind, this Drocon drone is easy to operate and delivers clear images. The adjustable camera takes excellent photos and videos, and as you use the app to control it, you can see everything in real-time—it also automatically uploads. Altitude hold keeps the drone in place even if your kid isn’t paying attention to the controller, and headless mode means you don’t need to worry about what direction it’s facing for it to work (great for beginner users). Gravity sensor mode means the drone will follow the direction of the phone your child is holding, which is fun for them, and it can also perform a 360 flip, which kids just love playing around with. The drone also folds for easy and convenient storage.
$59.99 AT AMAZON

A mini drone is an excellent way to cut down on both size and price, making it a more convenient buy. This Eachine mini drone comes in at less than $50 and has some terrific user-friendly features. The HD camera takes good quality photos, and between the altitude hold and one key takeoff/landing button, it’s super easy to get the hang of using. Gravity mode makes it easy to control the direction, while trajectory flight helps you give it a path to follow. Kids will love the 3D flips, and if you buy a separate pair of VR glasses, the phone can go in them for a very cool viewing experience. One reviewer called it the “best thing you will ever buy,” stating, “This was an amazing purchase and the camera is actually pretty good and the battery life sounds short but when [you’re] actually using it, it feels longer than it is. I recommend this 100% to anyone for ages 9 and up.”
$39.99 AT AMAZON

This Sanrock mini drone features a high-definition camera with a wide angle plus altitude hold that makes it easy to keep the drone steady when capturing images. Between one key takeoff/landing, emergency stop, headless mode (meaning no front or back), and gravity induction, this is the perfect drone for beginners and kids because it’s so easy to control. It’s also lightweight, small, and portable, and the circle propeller guards keep it in good condition even if it accidentally hits something.
$49.99 AT AMAZON

Small and lightweight, this mini drone is also foldable to make storage and traveling even more convenient. And don’t let its size fool you: this still takes high-quality images with a great camera, and WiFi live transmission makes it a cinch to get these on your kid’s phone. There is both voice and gesture control, meaning the drone will react to simple commands or movements, so it’s very user-friendly for a kid. It has all of the other most convenient features, like altitude hold and gravity mode, and it’s also fun: it can do a 360 flip, circle fly, and high-speed rotation. Propeller guards keep it safe in the case of an accident, and the engine is very quiet.
$39.99 AT AMAZON

If you don’t mind making a big splurge and your child is pretty good with a drone, then this set is a terrific pick. One of the best things about it is that it weighs about as much as a smartphone, making it super light and portable. Since it’s lightweight, it can stay in the air longer than the average drone, which is great for kids who don’t want to put theirs down. It also has a really intuitive and user-friendly control that makes it so easy to operate. Finally, it folds and is small enough to throw in any bag. Reviewers note that it’s excellent for beginners and travel.
$349.00 AT AMAZON

Although this toy drone doesn’t have a camera, it’s a great starter for a younger child. It’s fun and will get them accustomed to using a drone so that, when the time comes, they can upgrade to something a bit more mature. This is a hand-operated drone that uses high-tech infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles so it won’t crash and is easy to play with. The propellers are completely enclosed, so there’s little chance of injury, and the outer casing is made of soft plastic that is very safe and protected just in case it bumps into something (or someone). It has colorful LED lights to keep it playful and easily charges via a USB cord.
$21.99 AT AMAZON

Another ideal drone for little beginners, this option is a step up from the handheld one above. Kids use a controller with just one button that makes it super user-friendly, and it has three speed modes to choose between. The propellers are fully protected to keep kids from getting hurt and to protect the drone. It’s fun to play with, with a 3D flip and colorful LED lights to keep kids amazed. Altitude hold and headless mode make it a breeze to learn. One reviewer noted that it’s their favorite so far, writing, ” I’ve tried numerous other drones that are ‘kid-friendly,’ but this one is about the best one that you can find on Amazon.”
$31.99 AT AMAZON

A fantastic choice for little ones to experiment with, this set of two makes it easy for kiddos to play with siblings or friends, turning drone flying into more of a competition and game than a solo activity. It has three speeds, an easy-to-use control, and four-channel direction mode for stability and usability. The propeller guards keep it safe and will help prevent injury, and they’re both pretty lightweight and portable.

This is a nice quality drone for the price, plus it has a mount for a GoPro. It has a long-distance remote control, so it can go quite far and you’ll still have total control over it. The brushed motor won’t overheat or melt for a longer lifespan, making this one a bit more durable. Also more durable is the tough nylon fiber material it’s made of, making it powerful even in high winds. Overall, it’s easy to use, stable, great for kids, and works well with a GoPro.
$69.99 AT AMAZON

This option is definitely more high-end, and is better for older kids than younger ones, but it’s a fantastic, high-quality pick. It has its own camera but also works with several different GoPro models. It also has GPS location so it can find its way home even if the battery is low or the signal gets lost. The brushless motor is powerful but super quiet, and there’s only one key used to control it, making it surprisingly user-friendly. Quick-release propellers make them super smooth and fast, although a downside is that there are no propeller guards, so it’s best for intermediate flyers.
$259.99 AT AMAZON

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