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One of our favourite Indian festivals, Diwali, is coming up next week. Every year, we celebrate this festival by lighting diyas, praying to our Gods and bursting firecrackers. As children, bursting firecrackers in Vizag was one of the greatest aspects of Diwali celebrations. But it’s time that we meet reality and accept the world that we live in. Bursting firecrackers is not only harming this beautiful world we live in but also setting a bad example for our children.
Every year, Diwali is the time when pollution levels get into dangerous territory in Vizag. The city is enveloped by clouds of smoke, as the citizens burst firecrackers. While the situation in Vizag might not be as grim as some other major cities in the country, it is still a problem that needs to be addressed in order to have a safe and happy Diwali. 
From the citizens’ point of view, a simple thing to do can be to find alternative solutions to firecrackers which will keep the fun alive in Diwali 2021. We have gone ahead and done the search for you.
Here are some wonderful alternatives to firecrackers that are not only eco-friendly but also fun:
alternatives to firecrackers, diwali in vizag
One of the popular options is sky lanterns. They are widely popular in other countries so the question that arises is why not employ them during Diwali? These lanterns cause absolutely no air or noise pollution. However, it’s worth noting that sky lanterns do have other adverse consequences like forest fires. Nevertheless, as long as you are doing this in a safe area, setting off these lanterns is certainly a better option than bursting firecrackers and is an amazing Diwali activity to do with your family.
alternatives to firecrackers, diwali in vizag
At its core, Diwali is a festival about vanquishing darkness and bringing light, right? So, glow sticks should serve the purpose. Glow sticks are a great way to make your Diwali night colourful and pollution-less. These glow sticks are one of the great alternatives to the sparkler firecrackers your kids usually light on Diwali which are not only harmful to the environment but also a major fire hazard. 
Although the culture of striking Piñatas hails from Mexico, it is now acceptable at any occasion. Even a Diwali celebration where, instead of bursting firecrackers, you strike down Piñatas. The fun quotient is definitely high in this activity but there might not be enough Piñatas to strike.

In essence, balloon firecrackers are simply balloons that are filled with paper flakes, colours or sparkles. They are easy to make and can be a fun activity to do with your children at home. When they burst, they do make a loud noise but nowhere as loud as the noise made by bursting firecrackers. 
alternatives to firecrackers, diwali in vizag
If you are willing to spend a little extra on your Diwali celebrations, laser shows are the way to go. These light shows are great alternatives to capture the Diwali effect without bursting firecrackers like rockets. With laser shows, you can lighten up your night sky and enjoy a spectacular Diwali 2021 with your family.
alternatives to firecrackers, diwali in vizag
Considering how much Vizagites delve in drone photography, it is fair to assume that a fair number of people in the city have drones. These drone light shows basically do what firecrackers like rockets do but without any pollution. In simple terms, you get to control how your Diwali sky looks and you are not harming anyone in the process. However, don’t conduct these shows within 3 km of any naval installation in  for these areas are considered no-fly zones for drones.
Here’s hoping you have a safe and happy Diwali. We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for a responsible Diwali 2021 celebration in Vizag.
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