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8 February 2022
As an unprecedented pandemic, SARS-CoV-2 continues to introduce changes at all levels of life, also in the field of laboratory instrumentation.
While maintaining safety and quality, as well as the expectation of high accuracy and the highest standards that have always been key for professional laboratories, molecular diagnostics has of late, met new challenges posed by the high demand for time to result and throughput of samples.
With mutations of pathogen looming, diagnostic methods must detect such mutations and provide a clinical outcome to patients. In today’s environment, beyond just being state-of-the-art, laboratory technology needs to do more than offer high-quality, adaptable, safe workflows, it needs to meet the demand for results on a large scale. Altogether, this can only be achieved with high-quality systems, products and kits that are flexible, safe, and user-friendly, allow scaling-up, and are compatible and customisable to meet each laboratory’s specific needs. MolGen provides laboratories all over the world with technology, systems, products, and kits for molecular biology that enables them to be disruptive and competitive. MolGen envisions that every molecular biology lab will embrace various sorts of automation that provide endless possibilities.
One such product, is MolGen’s PurePrep buffer. Designed to be user-friendly, it contributes, at the start of it, to make the molecular diagnostic workflow safe. The PurePrep TL+ buffer allows for the combination of safe transfer of viruses and lysis in a single tube for further diagnostics. For molecular biology techniques and diagnostic tests, the lysis component is optimised for further processing steps like nucleic acid extraction.
Compatible with PurePrep TTR/TTS and PurePrep 96, the PurePrep TL+ buffer improves the workflow with its advanced features. Highly optimised in transferring virus and lysis combination, PurePrep TL+ is ready-to-use and developed for testing procedures against SARS-CoV-2 as well as many others. Adaptable to most of the liquid handling systems, it also improves liquid handling quality and reduces hands-on time by including the lysis buffer to remove a handling step instance. For better quality control and safety, PurePrep TL+ is coloured. Its unique features make it perfectly suited to advance the molecular diagnostic workflow at any professional laboratory.
MolGen is the global solutions provider of innovative extraction DNA / RNA isolation technology, systems, products and kits for human diagnostics, animal diagnostics, agricultural research, aquaculture, pharma, and the biotech industry. The company’s systems and consumables are versatile, efficient, and universally applicable, making MolGen the perfect laboratory provider when scaling-up, professionalising or handling a crisis. By combining multiple systems into complete diagnostical flows, MolGen enables the scaling up of the diagnostics flow. MolGen’s portfolio offers integrated state-of-the-art customisable solutions that automate the molecular diagnosis pipeline, reduce laboratory handling time, achieve high yields and reproducibility, and allow for high throughput.
Having this innovation work to improve SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics MolGen is now looking to apply it in other laboratory fields. For example, in the agricultural sector where labs are performing high-throughput DNA extractions for seed breeding. In markets such as the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, bio-veterinary and water science, the PurePrep TTR, and the TL+ buffer can be an added value to current workflows.
MolGen believes that laboratory solutions from different fields, could also be of good use in other segments when slightly customised. One of the visions of MolGen is therefore, to expand its portfolio to all laboratory industries where its solutions could solve existing and emerging problems by offering safer, faster, more reliable, and cost-efficient chemistry, flows, technology, systems, and kits.
8 February 2022
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