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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The DJI Tello is literally a small bundle of joy. Despite weighing only 80g, it has a sturdy frame and offers many flight capabilities and intuitive controls. Designed by the Chinese startup Ryze Tech in collaboration with Intel and DJI, the Tello provides an impressive flight experience and is ideal for those who are just approaching the world of drones. To start flying it, users just need to throw it in the air and it will take off, thanks to the amazing feature Throw&Go. The Tello can also perform cool aerial stunts like 8D flips and flying up and down when in Bounce mode.

It can be maneuvered from the touch of a smartphone and includes features that make flying incredibly fun. It is also equipped with a 5MP camera, returning impressive photos and videos. 
All these characteristics make the DJI Tello the ideal play companion for kids. But there is more. The flying experience can become an educational one thanks to Scratch – a computer language developed by MIT. Kids can now learn coding to program their DJI Tello Boost Combo. Through the mobile programming app Tello Edu, students can command Tello to perform corresponding movements by dragging coding blocks on their smart mobile device.
Scratch is part of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab and it can be downloaded for free. It was created having in mind kids between the ages of 8 and 16 but can be used by anyone who wishes to enter the programming world.
Coding is becoming an essential skill in the modern world, so giving kids the opportunity to learn it through play will certainly give them a valuable asset for the future.
Scratch can run in more than 40 languages and allows users to create code through Drag&Drop, making it a complete learning experience. Children are encouraged to use their right and left brain to come up with solutions to complex problems. Using Scratch, users can create games, stories and animations to develop their skills. They can also control the Tello with a computer and input pre-planned flights.
The Tello Boost Combo can become an amazing learning tool for schools as well. They can be implemented in programs to make lessons more interactive and fun; students will be sure to be enthusiastic by learning through a hands-on approach and will also retain much more information. Using innovative teaching methods is very important for schools that always want to provide the best educational experience and keep up with the rapid transformations in the tech world.
AirWorks, the official DJI dealer in Dubai, offers exclusive assistance in designing educational programs for schools using DJI drones. Their dedication to innovation and education is also manifested through the online learning platform DJI Educational, where users can find courses on how to use all DJI products.
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