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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case it’s worth a lot more because Autel is showcasing all of the major specs of the upcoming EVO Lite and EVO Nano Series of drones just days ahead of their launch.
Over the weekend Autel sents us the launch announcement for the EVO Lite and EVO Nano drones, and it’s brilliant. Not only does it confirm that these drones will be released tomorrow, September 28th, it also clearly shows both drones and the specs for each.
The biggest flex in the announcement is that both EVO Nano and EVO Lite will be available with your choice of two cameras!
EVO Lite Series:
EVO Nano Series:
Autel is really investing in these models by developing two different camera configurations for each.  Given the popularity of the DJI Air 2S and Mini 2 drones are the new Autel models compelling enough to pull drone pilots away from their existing gear? Time will tell.
But what’s certain is that Autel needed more consumer options at lower price points to capture market share from DJI.
The highlight out of all these new models is the 3-way obstacle avoidance feature in the EVO Nano Series. Lots of Mini and Mini 2 owners have been asking for obstacle avoidance, as well as active tracking.
With 3-way obstacle avoidance in the EVO Nano we’re hoping it also means the micro-drone will also be able to track a moving subject.
We’ll find out all of the details tomorrow when the EVO Lite and EVO Nano drones get released. Until then, enjoy the graphic below sent to us by Autel!

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Yes, I already have a Autel Nano ordered and waiting on it from China. I moved to Autel last year with DJI’s NFZ crap and needed authorization from DJI even when the FAA LAANC had authorized me to fly in controlled air space. I am sick of DJI and their need to monitor and approve my controlled air space flights. I love my Autel Evo ll and just had to have the Nano. I also tried Hubsan’s Mini but is sucks with all the problems it has. I have sent it back after testing it. I can suggest Autel to anyone who really wants to fly.
Where did you order it from? I didn’t think they were on sale yet.