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Source: Auterion
Drone software provider Auterion is teaming up with European thermal-imaging company Workswell to produce precision, bispectral UAV cameras.
The aerial marriage will make it easier for drone manufacturers to use Auterion’s open-standards software platform to integrate with Workswell’s WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Security thermal imaging cameras. The companies expect the announced integration will “works well” by August (yes, we went there).
“That market is driving intense innovation,” said Tomas Faltus, head of export sales at Workswell. “Our partnership with Auterion and participation in the open ecosystem will reduce time-to-market for OEMs trying to get innovations to customers faster. Through one integration with Auterion, all drone and payload manufacturers embracing standardization can leverage Workswell cameras in a plug-and-play manner for their drone solutions.”
The announcement cements Auterion as a growth leader in the drone software industry. In May, the company launched a partnership with Switzerland-based drive and motor specialist  maxon, best known as the creator of the precision systems enabling the autonomous helicopter Ingenuity and rover Perseverance to explore Mars. The partnership was expected to create one of the most advanced, open-sourced ecosystems of avionics and motor integration in the drone industry, combining the use of Auterion’s module Skynode and maxon’s best-in-class BLDC motors, such as the EC 87 flat UAV motor.
“We’re thrilled to partner with Workswell to integrate their cutting-edge thermal imaging systems,” said Thomas Gubler, head of avionics at Auterion.
“Our open ecosystem is bringing together a wide range of companies across disciplines and industries to provide customers with the most comprehensive and flexible solutions on the market. A new payload partner like Workswell gives customers, both drone OEMs and end users, more choices. By integrating with Auterion’s software platform, Workswell systems become immediately compatible and available to multiple drone manufacturers. There’s no need to complete multiple integrations to scale their payloads across multiple platforms.”
Workswell’s WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Security models are dual-sensor cameras, featuring a full HD resolution visual camera and a thermal infrared camera with optical ultrazoom and a “super resolution” mode, as well as the ability to measure in temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Celsius.
The fully radiometric thermal cameras have been specially designed for use with drones. Auterion’s plug-and-play, open ecosystem integration empowers drone operators to see, trigger and download pictures and live video, both visual and thermal, as well as change any camera setting. Operators use the Auterion Mission Control ground control software to plan, execute and analyze their automated flights and real-time interventions.
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