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Just a decade ago, you may have only heard the word “drone” while watching Star Wars or another sci-fi movie. But nowadays, drones are used all of the time and in daily life. There are plenty of uses for camera drones to justify purchasing one — whether you’re a hobbyist that likes to fly them outside, a professional photographer that’s looking for the perfect shot for a wedding, or you simply want to deliver something to your next-door neighbor without leaving your room. There are really no limits to how a drone can be used. But which one, exactly, should you purchase?
Well, there are a few options out there. If you’re a beginner or you’re getting the device for your child, you need to know which one to get. On the other hand, if you’re a videographer that needs a drone to capture spectacular footage outdoors, then you should go in a different direction entirely. We have outlined some of the best camera drones — that are more than reasonably priced — with a variety of specs so you can choose the right one for your own lifestyle. Let’s take a look.

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Pros: 90° wide-angle lens, easy operation
Cons: Have to save via Wi-Fi
If you’re just entering the wide world of drones, the DROCON Spacekey Drone for Kids & Beginners should be your first-ever drone purchase. For starters, it features a high-quality 1080p/30fps HD camera with Wi-Fi connectivity to capture high-resolution images and videos with ease. The camera itself contains a marvelous 90° wide-angle lens capable of capturing bold and true colors in addition to high-quality panoramic views. The drone is equipped with an advanced barometer and features a convenient altitude hold mode. This helps the drone maintain a stable flight all the way through, thus making your pictures and videos smoother and clearer.
The drone can also be fully controlled with a corresponding app, which you can connect to your phone via Wi-Fi. The app offers real-time image transmission, so you can immediately capture and share or send the videos and pictures to friends or family. Its foldable design also makes it ultra-portable in nearly any situation. The drone comes with a headless mode function and a one-key return, in addition to the aforementioned altitude hold function. That allows for easy operation regardless of how much experience you have flying drones.

Pros: Can fly for nearly an hour, shoots in 4K
Cons: Make sure you have good GPS signal in the area
For those who are a little more comfortable with a higher-end drone and want a device with advanced features — namely longer flight times — the Ruko F11GIM Drones with Camera for Adults should be considered. This is a 4K camera drone that includes a mechanical, two-axis gimbal. That helps stabilize the picture along with the Electric Image Stabilization technology, which reduces blurriness at the maximum. It provides you with incredibly clear and stable video.
It includes two batteries, each of which work for a maximum of 28 minutes. That allows you to fly for up to 56 minutes. The 5G FPV transmission distance can achieve up to 3,900 feet. The remote control range is even farther at 4,900 feet. It is a very simple drone to fly, as the app offers an intuitive user experience. You can take pictures in 4K (3840 x 2160) and can record videos with 4K@30fps. The features include GPS-assisted features, point of interest flight, and more. The brushless motors provide a quiet yet powerful flight.
Pros: Come with goggles for a first-hand view, S mode
Cons: Battery life isn’t strong
You will feel an immersive experience with the DJI FPV Combo. The DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI FPV UAV Quadcopter let you see exactly what your drone is looking at. You’ll have a smooth, real-time viewing experience. It can record 4K/60fps video at up to 120 Mbps. This has a super-wide 150° angle for your view. This has brand-new S mode and gets the dynamic look of FPV footage.
The auxiliary bottom light and smart return to home are fantastic features. This also has a low battery return to home so it won’t just fall down while it’s flying. It is forward and downward for obstacle sensing, even at high speeds. The HD Low-Latency Transmission video is crystal clear in real-time. It can fly up to 6.2 miles high.
Pros: EIS technology, longer flight time
Cons: Doesn’t handle wind great
If you want terrific picture quality, the Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS Drone will give you that. This has EIS, or Electric Image Stabilization, which reduces video blurring. The 4K camera will catch many more details than other options. Videos can be recorded with 1080p@60fps or 4K@30fps. This comes with a remote control that can adjust the angle up to 90°. You’ll be able to get longer and smoother image transmission, thanks to the 5GHz FPV.

This has advanced flight modes and brushless motors. This delivers 46 minutes of flight time. It comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to keep it together. The air optical flow and air pressure altitude control system help it fly more steadily. You’ll be able to locate it with GPS and it will return smartly back home.
Pros: 720P HD Wi-Fi camera, 3D flips
Cons: Not many advanced features
The DEERC D20 Mini Drone for Kids has the ability to take HD pictures. It is equipped with a 720P HD Wi-Fi camera that can take better aerial photos. This supports an FPV transmission, so you can see your eye in the sky. This features a low power alarm, so it won’t come crashing down. It is incredibly simple to use, so kids can do so. It’ll do 3D flips and you can draw the flight path on your phone. You can control it with your voice and gesture to it to tell it what to do. This is a cost-efficient option that you’re sure to love.
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