Best new gadgets 2021: a drone, remote working tool and more – The Times

Remember that scene in Top Gun where Maverick buzzes the control tower, causing his commanding officer to spill his coffee? My last Sunday afternoon was a lot like that, except that for “commanding officer” substitute “neighbours”, for “control tower” substitute “terrace” and for “spill his coffee” substitute “look confused, then later tell me it was a bit sinister”. The FPV in the DJI drone’s name stands for first-person view, and it is key. From the virtual-reality goggles, with their swivelling, forward-facing camera, you have an unimpeded cockpit view that allows you to imagine you are the 1980s fighter pilot the child version of you always assumed he would become. Its automatic “return to home” function has a big enough range that, on a trip to
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