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By 18 September 2021
We took a closer look at the Wiral camera rig at The Photography Show
If you’re a professional videographer, you’ll know the pain of having a scene that would be perfect for a spot of drone footage – but it’s not possible to fly one. Whether it’s due to a lack of permits, you’re at a quiet event, or you simply don’t have a license, the Wiral camera rig is a perfect alternative. 
We took a closer look at the Wiral at The Photography Show 2021. This camera rig was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2017, reaching its funding goal in just four minutes and becoming the tenth most funded Kickstarter camera equipment in the world. 
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The Wiral rig can be set up at two different points, with a wire running in-between. Then, users can set up their camera on a motor to run along the wire, capturing super smooth footage. Featuring mounts for anything from DSLR cameras to camera phones, the Wiral camera rig features a patented system that enables the line to be smoothly unfolded and then quickly gathered up. 
Users can control the rig using either the included remote or the Wiral app, which enables the user to customize the speeds at which the Wiral travels. The system uses a permanent magnet motor. This has previously been rare in consumer tech, with stepped motors being popular instead. However, permanent magnet motors enable smoother movement, with users being able to determine exactly how far they want the rig to travel – down to fractions of a centimeter.
With no permit or insurance required, the Wiral camera rig could be the perfect option for videographers who aren’t able to use drones at certain events or locations. Plus, with near-silent operation, it’s a great way to capture stunning footage surreptitiously. 
The Wiral camera rig is available at Wex Photo Video, Adorama and B&H Photo Video, with a RRP of $399 / £299. You can use the code WIRALPHOTOSHOW until the end of the day on Tuesday 21 September to slash the price of this camera rig.
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