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Amazon / Content Creators Get Options from DJI, GoPro & Others For Black Friday
Content creators are getting some big discounts on great products for Black Friday, including deals on cameras, tripods, lenses, and drones.
The bulk of the sales, of course, are on camera lenses, with some great offerings from Rokinon and Samyang. While the bulk of those sales are on fairly standard lenses, with prices ranging from around $205 to $274, the company’s have even put forward some of their weather-sealed offerings. Such as the Samyang SYIO85AF-E 85mm F1.4 Auto Focus Weather Sealed Lens for 53-percent off. Bringing the price down from nearly $800 to just $374.49.
Similarly, there are several deals on tripods, including a Razer Ring Light with a customizable white spectrum that’s 31-percent off. Bringing the cost down to $54.99. And an array of Manfrotto tripods ranging from 34- to 43-percent off. With Black Friday making it more affordable than ever to get the camera equipment that content creators need.
While all of that equipment will likely be welcomed by any content creators, this Black Friday has even more to offer. Starting with two Fujifilm digital camera packages at 20-percent off. Specifically, that’s the Fujifilm X-E3 Mirrorless Digital Camera, in both a ‘body only’ and package bundle. The former is priced down at $559.99 from its usual $699.95 price point. And, as the listing suggests here, that’s just the camera itself with no lenses.
The second package deal, however, brings that same highly-rated camera with a worthwhile XF18-55mm Lens Kit. And that pushes the price up to $798.99. With a discount of 20-percent from the more typical $999.95 price point.
The final Black Friday deals are on less conventional equipment for content creators. That includes a DJI Mavic Mini Combo pack that ships with the DJI Mavic Mini Remote Controller, three batteries, three spare propellers, all of the cables and protectors or connectors anybody could want, a carry bag, a spare screwdriver for repairs, and spare control sticks.
The drone flies for up to 30-minutes on a full battery. And supports 12-megapixel photos and 2.7K video. With a 3-axis gimbal built-in to keep things stable. All for a price that’s $200 more affordable than ever, at just $298.99.
Conversely, a similarly extensive GoPro combo pack is available for 21-percent off at $449.99. The GoPro HERO 10 shoots 23-megapixel photos and 5.3K video resolution at 60fps. As well as featuring 8x slow motion at 2.7K resolution. And the ability to pause videos export 15.8MP still photos from 5.3K video. It also comes complete with two batteries, a dual battery charger, a lanyard, and a scratch-reducing sleeve.
Black Friday deals on cameras, tripods, lenses, and drones
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