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AMSTERDAM (PRWEB) November 15, 2021
Vertical Technologies releases the MicaSense RedEdge P and Altum-PT on the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP.
Vertical Technologies has successfully integrated the new MicaSense RedEdge P and Altum-PT on the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL UAV. This release enables the DeltaQuad Pro to carry the next generation of sensors from our partner MicaSense.
The MicaSense RedEdge P is a huge step forward for the RedEdge product line, the sensor delivers spatial resolution that is more than twice as good as the RedEdge-MX. It is a single camera solution that captures calibrated high-resolution multispectral and RGB imagery, with an optimized FOV and capture rate for efficient flights.
On 9 November 2021 MicaSense announced the release of the next generation of the MicaSense Altum. The MicaSense Altum-PT has synchronized multispectral and thermal bands and pan-sharpened multispectral outputs, delivering over twice the spatial resolution of multispectral and thermal data compared to the original Altum.
This camera system has now been integrated on the DeltaQuad Pro #MAP VTOL UAV. The improvements in the resolution of the next generation make the Altum-PT the ideal solution for intensive research applications and high-value crop management in production agriculture, whether it's plant breeders seeking leaf-level detail in their phenotyping efforts, or farmers wanting to optimize their irrigation methods amidst worldwide turbulent weather trends.
Vertical Technologies is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of commercial grade VTOL drones for Surveillance, Transport, Mapping and Inspection. For more information please visit
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