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The DJI M300 RTK drone and Zenmuse P1 photogrammetry camera are now compatible with Esri Site Scan Flight. New features on the app also include enhanced mission planning. heliguy™ and Esri UK are partners, delivering an end-to-end UAS solution for the AEC industry.
Last updated: Feb 07, 2022
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The DJI M300 RTK drone and Zenmuse P1 photogrammetry camera are now compatible with Esri’s Site Scan Flight for ArcGIS.
Esri says that it is one of the most requested drones to add to the Flight app’s lineup of supported drones.
The M300 RTK is DJI’s most powerful commercial platform to date, offering up to 55 minutes of flight time to increase mapping efficiency.

The P1 camera captures high-resolution images at 45MP, allowing you to fly higher and capture large areas faster, while still creating the same resolution outputs as before with lower resolution sensors. Click here to see an incredible 3D model created with P1 imagery.
The M300 RTK-P1 is the latest DJI solution to be made compatible with the Site Scan Flight app. Others include the Phantom 4 RTK with SDK controller, Phantom 4 Pro (v1 or v2)DJI Mavic 2 Pro, M200 Series V2, and Inspire 2 (with Zenmuse X7, X5S, and X4S).  
heliguy™ has partnered with Esri UK to deliver an end-to-end UAS solution for the AEC industry.
Esri’s Site Scan for ArcGIS is a complete data acquisition and cloud processing platform. Find out how it can help by reading this blog.

It includes two applications:
Site Scan Flight comes in two editions:
Added compatibility with the DJI M300 RTK-P1 is just one update for Site Scan Flight users. Other upgrades include improvements to mission planning and execution.
Site Scan now allows you to use polygons saved in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, or Site Scan Manager for ArcGIS as your mission area.

Previously, you were able to view a polygon layer when planning your flights, but had to manually trace the mission area over it. Now, simply display the desired polygon showing the area to be mapped, and tap the area to automatically use it as your mission area boundary.

Defining a mission area from a polygon is useful when planning missions over complex areas. It also improves collaboration when mapping areas assigned by other members of your organisation, and saves time when creating new flight plans.
This feature is only available only for Area Survey and Crosshatch Survey flight modes. There are two options for you to use KML, SHP or Feature layer polygons as your mission area.
Using an ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise polygon layer
Using an overlay uploaded to Site Scan Manager (KML or Shapefile):
With either method, if your feature layer contains multiple polygons, you must select one to be used as your mission boundary.
This setting allows pilots to increase the drone’s speed by up to 50% to perform missions within a shorter amount of time.

Operators can also reduce the speed by 50% if flying in low-light conditions with a reduced camera shutter speed.
The new speed setting is located in the Advanced Mission Settings for all automated flight modes.
Post-flight checklist functionality is coming soon.
When a post-flight checklist is assigned to a project, pilots will be prompted to fill out the checklist after the drone has completed its mission.
Pre-flight checklists can already be created.
Contact our in-house GIS specialists to discuss adding the DJI M300 RTK, P1 and Esri Site Scan to your AEC applications.
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The DJI M300 RTK drone and Zenmuse P1 photogrammetry camera are now compatible with Esri Site Scan Flight. New features on the app also include enhanced mission planning. heliguy™ and Esri UK are partners, delivering an end-to-end UAS solution for the AEC industry.
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DJI Zenmuse P1 photogrammetry camera used to build highly-detailed 3D model of historic monument, as part of repair and maintenance plans. Surveys shows the value of using drones for conservation.
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