Drone captures dramatic moment when Bordesley Green thug tries to escape from police – I Am Birmingham

A police drone guided officers to swoop in and arrest a wanted man as he tried to escape capture by climbing over fences and gardens in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham on Wednesday.

A violent man who had previously fled from police was finally captured on Wednesday (29 December) after officers received a tip off that the suspect was at a property in Cobham Road, Bordesley Green.

The suspect, who was wanted for a string of offences including threats to kill, had managed to escape from officers who had tried to arrest him on an earlier occasion.
West Midlands Police called in drone unit officers to assist and within minutes the suspect was spotted via a thermal image sent by the drone cameras.
When officers dashed to the front of a property in Cobham Road the camera was able to beam back live images of the suspect escaping into gardens on neighbouring Ronald Road.
The drone team gave updates to officers who were able to quickly swoop in as the suspect tried to flee. The thug was surrounded by police, including a dog unit, and arrested around 1pm as he tried to climb over a gate.
A police spokesperson confirmed that a 30-year-old man was taken into custody on suspicion of threats to kill, threatening behaviour, and possession of a Class A drug.
Talking about the capture of the suspect via drones, PC Paul Davis from the Drone Team said: “We were able to beam back live images from the property and let officers on the ground know when the suspect fled out the back of the house.
“The drone was able to track him over gardens and then eventually to Ronald Road where he was arrested.
“The cameras give us great coverage over a large area, and the thermal imaging meant there was nowhere to hide.”