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Drones are a lot of things — messengersworker beesrescuers — but mostly they’re just a way for grown ups to feel like kids again. Zip through the skies with your very own, and snap photos and videos along the way. For a limited time, you won’t even have to empty your savings to get one.
With these pre-Black Friday drone deals, you’ll save up to 80%. Just use the code SAVE15NOV at checkout and watch the prices fall.
This 4K HD camera drone folds up to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can bring it with you to fly around anywhere with four-channel 360-degree capabilities. It’s usually $149, but you can use the pre-Black Friday code SAVE15NOV at checkout to get it for only $67.99.

Another tiny gem as small as your palm, the Copernicus Mini drone is still capable of stellar photography with a 4K HD camera and smooth flights with air pressure, fixed altitude, and a gravity sensor. Get it for only $63.71 (regularly $90) with the code SAVE15NOV.

Great for beginner pilots, this drone is packed with features to ensure a stable, yet eventful flight, including headless mode, optical flow positioning, one-key auto-return, and gesture control. Plus, it takes stunning photos and videos in 4K. It’s usually $169, but you can get it for only $84.15 with the code SAVE15NOV.

Watch your flight in real-time, as if you’re actually in the sky, when you connect your phone to the J10X. With six channels for flexible control and a 1080p camera, you’ll enjoy every minute of your adventures. Use the code SAVE15NOV at checkout and get it for just $84.15 (regularly $199).

You’re a wizard, Harry! Or at least you’ll feel like one with this drone’s gesture control functions. Get it for just $84.15 (regularly $169) with the code SAVE15NOV.

With a powerful wide-angle 4K camera on the front and a 720p camera on the bottom, this drone is awesome for amping up your aerial photography skills. Get it on sale for $84.99 (regularly $199) with the code SAVE15NOV.

The Blade X comes with a remote control that holds your phone, so you can watch your flight in real time while controlling the drone’s motions. You can get it for just $75.65 (regularly $199) with the code SAVE15NOV ahead of Black Friday.

Easy to set up and take flight, the 106 Pro is a no-frills drone that flies smoothly and snaps excellent photos from above. It’s usually just $68.95, but you can use the pre-Black Friday code SAVE15NOV and get it for just $58.61.

Equipped with an HD camera, a 2.4G motor, and a video following feature, this drone is ideal for aspiring videographers and aerial photographers who don’t want to spend a fortune. It’s only $59.46 (regularly $69.95) with the code SAVE15NOV.

Fly for 25 minutes straight, snapping gorgeous 4K photos and videos along the way, with this single-camera drone. It’s perfect for beginner pilots and will only cost you $84.96 (regularly $410) ahead of Black Friday when you use the code SAVE15NOV.

This drone allows you to see the world from your phone, as it sends real-time footage of your flight directly to your screen. It also has a long list of features, like one-key takeoff, headless mode, video following, and gesture control. It’s usually $320, but you can use the pre-Black Friday code SAVE15NOV and get it for only $67.96.

With headless mode and altitude hold mode, the E58 ensures you stay stable in the air, so you can focus on snapping better photos. Usually $225, it’s only $53.51 ahead of Black Friday with the code SAVE15NOV.

Draw the route you want the E99 Pro to take on the compatible app and it’ll follow it to a T. It’s usually $285, but you can snag it on sale for just $63.71 with the code SAVE15NOV.

With a sleek silver design, a 4K HD camera, and real-time FPV, not only will the E68 look good in the air, but it’ll produce excellent footage as well that you can follow along with. It’s usually $320, but you can get it for just $67.96 with the code SAVE15NOV.

With an 8K Ultra-HD camera and four channels for flexible control, you can take some of the best photos and videos of your life with the KAI ONE Pro. It’s usually $1,000, but ahead of Black Friday, you can get it for just $254.96 with the code SAVE15NOV.

Fly up, down, backward, forward, left, and right, and even do 360-degree rolls, all while snapping 4K shots with this dual camera drone. Get it on sale for only $84.15 (regularly $199) with the code SAVE15NOV.

Explore the unknown and record the whole thing with the EXO Blackhawk, which features full 4K video, slow motion and hyperlapse capabilities, GPS sequencing, and other awesome video features. It also comes with four batteries, which gives you a total of 172 hours of fly time. A $1,078 value, you can get it on sale for $730.99 with the code SAVE15NOV ahead of Black Friday.

The Cinemaster, like the name suggests, is ideal for the aspiring videographer. It’s equipped with smooth, crisp video features like 4K quality, 11MP photo, slow motion, 60fps at 1080p, and zero shake. It’s usually $548, but you can use the code SAVE15NOV and get it on sale for $372.29.

The Ranger drone can fly smoothly in up to 20mph wind gusts, all while snapping stellar bird’s-eye and skyline shots. You can zoom it up to 50 times and watch it all play out from the app. With the code SAVE15NOV at checkout, you can get it for just $236.29 (regularly $327).

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