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Drone pilots have now been recruited for the search of two missing dogs near Appleby. 
Heidi Batey, of King’s Meaburn, said her brown border terrier Bea and white Staffordshire bull terrier cross Molly were last seen on Thursday, November 4 walking from her home towards Mauld’s Meaburn. 
She urged people on social media to keep an eye out for her pets and locals are reportedly sweeping the area. 
Joining the search are pilots from Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK, a volunteer group that uses unmanned drones with cameras to search for missing pets.
The group’s founder Graham Burton said: “We’ve got pilots on the case and groups searching on the ground too. 
“It’s a bit tricky because they’ve been missing for a few days now, so we don’t know precisely where to look.  
“They could be anywhere really which is difficult. 
“But all we can do is search for the dogs and look for signs.”  
He added that nine out of 10 lost dogs made their way back home and has advised that the owners search barns nearby where terriers in particular are known for chasing mice or rats and getting stuck. 
Carol Jeffreys, a retired Kennel owner who is at the forefront of Eden’s canine community and helping with the search, said: “The trouble is, it’s very difficult to do anything until we get a sighting. Until then it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.
“It’s strange given the close-knit community that nobody has seen anything but I’ve walked around the area and there is a lot of dense woodland and it’s all quite remote.”  
Once a location has been established Carol said she could rig traps with food and monitor them with cameras. 
Until then the owners have left food out and clothing with their scent on, which can act like a beacon for dogs. 
She added that there is hope for the dogs as long as they have food, water and shelter – something she has seen happen before.
Owner Heidi added: “Please, please share whenever you are. It’s been a week now with no news.
“They are both super friendly and good mates.” 
The dogs are microchipped. 
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