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By 23 November 2021
There are tons of drones on Amazon – here’s our guide to the best ones to buy and how to check for the top Black Friday deals.
It can be difficult to come to any kind of buying decision when you’re looking through drones on Amazon. There’s an overwhelming number of them, all with similar specs and user reviews. Here, we’ve compiled a kind of guide on what to look out for when you’re combing through the retailer’s site, along with the best Black Friday drone deals available on there at the moment.
In brief, we’d recommend you stick with a trusted brand when it comes to buying a drone, as these companies often offer year-long guarantees and we can attest to their products’ quality. DJI is the main name in drone manufacturing, but there are a handful of other names we’d recommend too: Skydio, Parrot Anafi, Autel Evo and Ryze Tello all produce excellent drones at different price points. 
Below, we’ve highlighted the best deals on some of our favorite models from these companies. If you scroll down, you’ll also see some beginner’s buying advice, if you need some very basic tips on what to look out for when buying a drone.
As a final word of warning, watch out for retailers hiking then dropping prices suddenly. This is often done to make it look like there’s a more significant saving available. We recommend always comparing current offers to previous prices.
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DJI FPV Combo | Was $1299 | Now $999
You can save $300 with this deal from DJI. The FPV [first person view] model is great for giving users an immersive, drones-eye view that will let you experience the thrill of secondhand flight through goggles. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on the drone – but there’s no indication of when the deal will end, so move quickly if you want to take advantage of that discount.  
Ryze Tech Tello Boost combo | Was $149 | Now $103.30
This is a very reasonable price for a compact little starter drone, with $45.70 lopped off the original price. It’s a renewed model, which means that it’s pre-owned but works and looks like a new unit. The package comes with three batteries for extra flying time and has a nifty camera capable of 720p HD video. A perfect Christmas gift.
Drones on Amazon: Image shows two people fixing propellers onto drone
When you’re looking for drones on Amazon, you’ll find roughly three different kinds: toys, FPV (first-person view) models and photography/ video prosumer units. 
Toys are fairly self-explanatory. You can pick these up for as little as $30. They won’t come with all the features of the more expensive drones, so don’t expect a camera or any kind of collision-detection. However, they’re great for giving people the experience of controlling something in flight. You do still have to abide by drone regulations in your area when operating one of these, but you don’t have to register them with the FAA.
FPV drones are usually packaged with a pair of viewing goggles or an app that lets you stream video directly to your smartphone. It’s an immersive experience, not unlike the one you’ll have when you’re using the best VR headsets. These FPV drone models are usually designed for speed and responsiveness, but they do also usually feature decent cameras. A lot of people actually build their own FPVs for racing, which allows them to mix and match the best components to suit their needs.
Finally, the last type of drones tend to prioritise good quality cameras, allowing users to get brilliant photos and videos from high up in the air. These models will usually have a host of features that help keep your drone safe, such as anti-collision software, but they’ll also come with in-built software that allows you to make the most of your photography skills. Think automatic flight-paths that let you take panoramic photos and object-tracking so you can create steady video.
Whichever one you choose, remember to check in our drone deals page to make sure you’re getting the best price. 
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