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The Locust Horde is a constant problem for the COG in Gears of War, but where do the creatures come from?
On the surface, Gears of War is about thick-bodied soldiers chainsawing grubs and delivering one-liners. However, the series has a surprisingly deep story and even deeper lore. For instance, the creatures that the main protagonists spend years fighting aren't just unexplained cannon fodder.
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The Locust have a compelling backstory that begins before the events of the first game. Most of the tale is revealed in Gears 5, but the previous titles and the books also provide a few vital details. When you put everything together, you get the complete story of the Locust's origins. This is the tale in its entirety.
Before the Locust ever came to be, the COG was fighting another enemy in the form of the Union of Independent Republics (UIR). Their conflict was known as the Pendulum Wars, and it was all about who controlled the Imulsion on Sera. Imulsion was a vast source of energy on the planet. During this time, the COG opened the New Hope Research Facility to find a cure for a disease called Rustlung.
Rustlung was a fatal condition that was caused by long-term exposure to the Imulsion. Dr. Niles Samson took in the children of Imulsion Miners, who had contracted the illness. He planned to use them in his experiments.
The doctor tried several things to find a cure, but none of them worked. The most problematic idea involved using the creatures from the Hollow. While in the early games, the Hollow was known as the place where the Locust lived, other monsters were there first.
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Niles Samson took some of the beasts' DNA and merged it with that of the sick children, but it didn't result in a cure. Instead, the kids transformed into highly aggressive Sires, the likes of which you fight in Gears Of War 2. Understandably, this development led to the New Hope Facility being shut down. But some important people still believed in Niles' work and moved him to a secret facility in Mount Kadar to continue his research.
Among the children Niles had in his possession, one young girl stood out. Her name was Myrrah, and she would eventually become Queen Myrrah and the leader of the Locust Horde. She had a natural immunity to the Imulsion sickness, so he always thought she was the key to finding a Rustlung cure. After the move to Mount Kadar, he combined the girl's stem cells with the DNA of the Sires he created. The result was the very first Locust Drone.
Unlike the Sires, the Drones were easy to deal with, especially as they shared a hivemind that Myrrah controlled. Niles even called them the perfect soldiers, which is seemingly why his team allowed many more to be born.
Myrrah eventually had a non-Locust child named Reyna, Kait's mother. Her father, Dr. Torres, became disgruntled about the work he and Niles Samson were doing, so he took Reyna and escaped. Predictably Myrrah was not happy about the situation, but Niles thought he could solve it by lying to her and saying Reyna had died in the escape attempt.
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He didn't realize how much she cared for her daughter as Myrrah had her Locust drones kill all of the scientists as a result of her loss. They then went deep into the Hollow and started building a civilization down there. All of this took place before the main Gears timeline.
Life in the Hollow was good for a while until many creatures started mutating. It turned out that Rustling wasn't the only side effect of heavy exposure to Imulsion. Members of the Horde were transformed into glowing creatures later called Lambent, and the condition became known as Lambency.
A Civil War inside the Hollow then began between the Locust and the Lambent. It was a battle that the glowing team was winning. However, a lifeline appeared in the form of Adam Fenix, who discovered the Locust using his wife's research. He made a deal with Myrrah that he would cure Lambency as long as the Locust stayed underground.
Unfortunately, though, Fenix broke his promise as he couldn't create a stable core. It didn't help that he was preoccupied with ending the Pendulum Wars at the time. This betrayal, along with the losing war effort, convinced Queen Myrrah and General RAAM to lead their people to the surface. The event would later be named Emergence Day and began the long conflict known as the Locust War.
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