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Drones are every bit as practical as they are fun. You may have witnessed drones performing flashy maneuvers and high-flying performances, but they’ll also be used for deliveries and search and rescue in the near future.
That doesn’t mean you need to be an ace drone operator to get your hands on one. In fact, the price has fallen as the technology has matured, so you can purchase a quadcopter to complement your photography equipment while on a strict budget. The Ninja Dragon is representative of that trend, with a 4K wide camera and myriad flight customization options. Normally $169, it’s currently on sale for just $99.
The two defining features of any drone-operated camera are its visual capabilities and how well it flies. The Ninja Dragon is equipped with a 4K sensor that captures sharper images than its 1080p counterparts. To get a full scope of your aerial view, the quadcopter includes front and bottom-facing cameras.
The drone offers 18 minutes of flight time with a single charge, which is more than enough to capture wide-view aerial landscape videos or snap photos during outdoor gatherings. The Ninja Dragon is compact and easy to transport while folded, and it measures just over 10 inches when its wings are extended.
The Ninja Dragon features manual controls and flight modes that let you choose your own flight patterns. Optical flow positions give you more accurate and stable hovering, whereas palm control grants allows you to maneuver the drone up and down within three feet. You can even use your hands to make the cameras take pictures or record video. Finally, the follow function captures a birds eye view of yourself. Once you’re ready to end the flight, the one-key automatic return calls the Ninja Dragon right back to you.
Whether you’re shopping for a fun weekend gadget or a worthwhile addition to your photography gear, you can purchase a Ninja Dragon Quadcopter now for just $99, or 41 percent off.
Prices subject to change.
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