High-flying drone photos can capture incredible images – Northern Beaches Review

With the use of a drone artist Sebastien Bachellereau is taking photography to a whole new level.
The owner of SB Drone Sessions can capture surfers in action and shots of the natural landscape that would be almost impossible to achieve under normal conditions.
He started the business about 17 months ago, driven by his passion for the ocean.
“After spending lots of time on coastal cliff tops and rocky areas to the side of Sydney beaches, this became a real passion of mine,” Sebastien said.
“It offers a real sense of freedom and connection with the ocean which I love so much.
“Seeing the ocean and natural rock forms so closely and from interesting angles through the eyes of my drone is liberating and makes me feel at one with nature.
“Capturing surfers and natural landscapes in a unique and artistic way is what inspires and drives me.
“I strive for each photo to have an individual energy which draws you in and for this reason each photo is named with a description linked to emotion and storytelling.
“I was given a camera as a young boy and carried it around everywhere with me. So it has always been something I love – capturing a moment in time and giving it life.”
The innovator said one of the most popular options on offer is the “‘You Surf-I Shoot” sessions.
“I feel it’s the ultimate Christmas gift this year and so many people are loving the idea that they can give this unique and creative gift to a surfer they know,” Sebastien said.
“It’s also the gift of taking their socials to the next level with professional photos and film, so it’s much more than what happens during that one-hour session.”
His newly created Online Store offers a “minimalistic coastal/bohemian feel” and all the photos can be purchased as prints, framed photos, in canvas and acrylic. He also offers gift vouchers.
For more information you can visit the website at: www.sbdronesessions.com.