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As Georgia and Sam ended their journey in Mother/Android, let’s dissect various key threads which left potential for a sequel, as well as spinoffs.
WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Mother/Android, now streaming on Hulu.
In Mother/Android, as Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) embarked on a journey across America to give birth, she found herself in major peril. She was smack in the middle of a robot apocalypse as androids meant to help humanity turned on them and began killing people, leaving military pockets of resistance as the major means of survival. Luckily, Georgia would live but she lost a lot as the film wrapped, with various key threads leaving the potential for a sequel, as well as some spinoffs.
Georgia gave birth to Forest, but had to give the boy up to a boat taking kids to Korea for a better, war-free life. Her boyfriend, Sam, died too with Georgia ending the movie by going to a Portland military base. A sequel can once more follow the human approach, focusing on her trying to get to Asia and meet Forest.
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She’s quite resilient so she could work with the military to claw her way back to her kid, which would allow the property to look at how the droids rebelled outside of America. Korea didn’t have an uprising so if it does, that’s the perfect reason for Georgia to go there to save the kid and his new family as well.
A spinoff can focus on the actual event that caused the bots to turn evil: the Blitz. We just saw phones malfunctioning and the androids ripping people apart, so another story can dissect why the machines broke bad. It can act as a pseudo-prequel first, detailing how the bots were built, seeded out and why flaws arose at Raster Robotics.
It can then time jump to new faces figuring out the secret to shutting them down universally, perhaps visiting various research centers and labs to get data to do so. This can mix the dystopian setting of properties like Resident Evil and Terminator as there seems to be a Skynet existing in this universe that uses drones as hunters too.
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A spinoff can also pattern itself after The Walking Dead with Georgie and other people intersecting as they just try to survive rather than find a cure or master control. It could detail how they lost their families and how some became monsters, once more playing on the distrust and selfishness people show in desperate times.
It would follow Cloverfield, where drama, horror and action can be mixed in as mankind tries to become the predator, and not the prey, riffing off of their most innate human instinct. Seeing them setting traps, using new tech or old-school methods, would also test if they’re truly alphas in this deadly, new world.
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A follow-up without Georgia can dissect refugees from America fleeing to Asia or other places that didn’t get hit as hard. It can also detail other Americans growing up there, experiencing xenophobia as migrants, which would play into the sociopolitical state of the world on this kind of crisis.
The Forever Purge already touched on this by having Mexico’s borders offer salvation to Americans, flipping the script on the xenophobia dished out to Central Americans. Thus, it’ll be thought-provoking if, in these havens, the android apocalypse does break out with immigrants being accused of bringing this ‘disease’ over, placing the shoe on the other foot.
See how Georgia loses her family in Mother/Android, now streaming on Hulu.
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