Imint announces Gen 4 Vidhance Video Stabilization – news –

Ricky 01 December 2021
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Imint is a company that develops video stabilization solutions for smartphones, body cameras, smart glasses, drones, and their solutions are already deployed in millions of smartphones globally. They’ve worked with Xiaomi, Motorola, Oppo, vivo, OnePlus, nubia, and Infinix for Imint’s EIS algorithm.
The Swedish company is announcing its fourth generation “Vidhance” solution. A new stabilization engine has been tested by unnamed leading smartphone manufacturers. This engine removes unwanted movement from smartphone video while leaving behind the smooth, intended motion.

The result is professional-looking content that appears exactly as the video creator intended, even when the user is moving rapidly.

Imint takes into account the video tests performed by DXOMark so that their solutions can improve its clients’ devices’ scores with the camera testing firm.
Aside from the new engine, improvements have been made for more optimized memory performance. Vidhance’s look-ahead processing doesn’t compromise power consumption for memory performance.
I expected to see a dirt bike clip, based on the article picture. Oh well.
eis??? i will pass gimme ois or gtfoh
looks like Imint sent a truck full of cash to DXOMark 😂
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