Inland Fisheries Ireland seeks drones with hi-tech cameras to help catch criminals – The Times

The fisheries authority wants to buy 20 drones, including aircraft with 4K thermal cameras that can land in and take off from water, after a spike in illegal fishing.
Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is seeking offers from potential contractors to supply 20 small unmanned aircrafts to help it combat a rise in illegal fishing and reduce the environmental impact of its work.
The IFI recorded a 75 per cent increase in prosecutions for “fisheries-related offences” last year, compared with 2019. It carried out 136 drone patrols last year, more than double the number completed in 2019.
In an invitation to tender, the authority said it wanted to find suppliers of three models of drones with “advanced technologies and accessories” such as HD or 4K camera
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