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In Season 4 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, a few monstrous plot holes and unanswered questions arose in this new battle for survival.
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4, now streaming on Netflix.
In Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, as Season 4 unraveled, Darius and the teens found themselves on a new, unpredictable island off Costa Rica. This island was even more dangerous than Site A/Isla Nublar where the Jurassic World theme park broke apart, with new human and dinosaur threats they never encountered before, scaring the kids like never before. However, as the 11 episodes progressed, a few monstrous plot holes and unanswered questions arose in this new battle for survival.
When the teens’ boat got caught in the reef in the premiere, Darius swam out to free the anchor, only for a shark to attack. Yet somehow, despite the shark being a few feet away and speeding towards Darius, Kenji was able to jump in and take Darius to the boat. In addition, when the Mosasaurus ate the shark and attacked the boat seconds after, we never found out why it didn’t eat the teens or how they out-swam it, as the series just cut to them on the shore, drained. To top it off, on land they were able to outrun a sabre-tooth tiger and a Spinosaurus on foot, despite them being powerful, quick beasts.
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The island was run by Kash as he conducted genetic experiments for Mantah Corp. so it could create a dinosaur battle arena. However, when Darius infiltrated and befriended Kash, the surveillance cams never picked up the kids. It’s weird as most of the island was wired, but the teens somehow conveniently walked in spots not to get seen without knowing cams existed. In addition, Kash had drones flying around watching dinosaur fights, so they should have spotted the kids in the background trees watching, especially as they had bio-scanners. It was also ridiculous that during their rounds in general, the drones never picked the teens up.
The BRADs are robotic hybrids of dogs and dinos that prowl the island, performing errands for Kash. However, when they encountered the teens, the guards had this habit of blasting energy from their mouths up close. When the teens ran, though, the BRADs would chase them and shoot, rather than just snipe them out. It made no sense as they could have used their programming and built-in scopes to patiently shoot the fleeing teens. It was all to add drama and action, of course, via chases, but didn’t feel logical given what the bots could do.
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Early on, the island’s scientist, Mae, saw how Kash was misappropriating her work, drugging the T-Rexes to fight each other. A mom mauled a baby T-Rex but it was only later on when she and the teens investigated up close that Mae called in a medic BRAD to administer aid. The problem is, she saw the fight happen in real time and expressed shock, so she should have already sent medics to help the baby. It was a very uncharacteristic decision as she knew it was badly wounded from the sadistic scuffle.
Darius pretended to be a stowaway who hated dinosaurs, ergo why Kash let him be his apprentice. But Darius ended up showing compassion to the test subjects in front of the boss. This totally broke his plan yet Kash never picked up on it. Seeing Darius tearing up and fighting against Kash mind-controlling dinos with special chips should have been a dead giveaway that Darius was the one sabotaging the lab. After all, there wasn’t anyone else to open cells, cut power and free dinosaurs, so Kash should have spotted the behavioral anomaly and figured out Darius’ intentions.
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The finale revealed Kenji’s dad, Daniel, was actually Kash’s boss as he arrived on the island to oversee more experiments. But while Daniel and Kenji shot each other shocked looks to end the season when everyone came into the open, fans were left wondering why Daniel didn’t find the boy in seasons past. It’s only been a few months since Site A was overrun, and given that Daniel stole dinosaurs and got intel from Sam, his corporate spy, from Site A, there were clues that teens were alive on that island. Kenji was in one place with the others and even stayed at his dad’s loft with the crew for a while, so it feels as if Daniel didn’t even bother to look for him at all.
If this island was supposed to be a secret too, it’s odd there was no security system to detect invaders or encroaching vessels off the mainland. If that were in place, Kash would have spotted the vessel in the sea or been able to send the BRADs once he discovered the teens washed ashore. It’s a strange creative decision as this gaping hole on the coast allowed anyone to enter. To double down, Kash didn’t even investigate how Darius washed ashore, if anyone came with him and if he needed to put security measures in place thereafter for all the illegal stuff he’s conducting.
In that aforementioned escape from the shark and Mosasaurus, one of the more playful questions of the series was how Kenji’s hair stayed up as he rescued Darius and came to the surface. He was literally swimming underwater in the ocean, so one might wonder what kind of gel Kenji used as his hair was dry and seemed styled to perfection as it usually was when he was found running around on land.
See how these plot holes and unanswered questions arise in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4, now streaming on Netflix.
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