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Let’s dissect the trailer for Season 4 of Netflix’s Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous as we learn we’re going to meet the show’s deadliest island yet.
Apart from the dinosaurs, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World properties has been the parks themselves. Isla Nublar/Site A and Isla Sorna/Site B have always enthralled fans due to their jungle landscape just off the Costa Rican coast. That’s because the dangers they offer often produce an advantage to the reptilian beasts that break loose. However, come Season 4 of Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous, we’re going to meet the newest, deadliest island yet.
The trailer shows the kids boating away from Site A, only to get shipwrecked after a Mosasaurus attack. However, while speculation had it they’d be on Site B now, it’s confirmed this island is a new and unpredictable player in the game. It’s not even known if it’s part of John Hammond’s old InGen vision, a secret the Masrani Corporation and Dr. Wu kept, or a totally new corporate entity.
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But what’s for certain is the island has a life of its own and will be a character Darius and the kids can consider an enemy. We first see panes that are disguised as a desert setting, as well as a control room, fashioning it like a park from Westworld. What’s even scarier is another room opens a snowy landscape, which suggests there are various environmental conditions and maybe even an A.I. lingering to test the teens, and also, different monsters inhabiting them.
We see the Spinosaurus return, as well as the T-Rex, but while they’re familiar dangers, the fact that the latter’s being shepherded by drones makes this place more nefarious. Drones were spotted spying on the kids last season so there may be human masters at play, working in the shadows to control the beasts and teens. This carves potential out for sick games a la Cabin in the Woods, but what’s also scarier is the presence of dino-bots, who will certainly not be tiring out as they hunt the youths down.
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This adds layers of worry because Darius and Co. are accustomed to flesh and blood, but such relentless hunters won’t be easy to evade. The fact that they don’t even know the terrain makes the journey that much more dangerous and will test Darius as a genius against the operators.
The island also boasts a saber-tooth tiger, so there may well be other prehistoric animals hungry for human flesh, which the kids would not be prepared for. They’ve never been prey like this, with unknown apex predators around, shaping their most precarious journey yet.
And what ultimately makes this a perilous trip is that with the Mosasaurus patrolling the seas, we’re not sure if there are pterodactyls and such in the sky, all helping to ensure this island stays off-grid. These factors make it so easy for the island to feed on marooned wanderers with ease, turning the island into the most horrific test ever.
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 4 premieres Dec. 3 on Netflix.
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