Kuwait turns to drones to stave off public violence – Gulf News

Plan to boost round-the-clock security including patrols in hubs for gatherings
Cairo: Kuwait plans to utilise high-tech tools, including drones to monitor public gatherings and head off violence, according to local media.
Senior security officials, meeting to discuss spiraling violence, approved an action plan to boost round- the- clock security to curtail acts of violence in the country. The plan includes heavy deployment of patrols in high-density areas known for youth gatherings and introduction of horse-mounted security patrols in remote and narrow areas.
In addition, drones and surveillance cameras will be employed to uncover places of public gatherings.
Interior Minister Thamer Al Ali has recently commissioned the Saad Al Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences to conduct a comprehensive study on a perceived rise in violence, its causes, and work out swift solutions to eliminate the phenomenon, the ministry’s relations and security media department said.
Kuwait has recently seen a series of violent incidents in public, some of which culminated in murders.

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