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There’s been another leak from @OsitaLV. This time, it’s a really pro-looking camera. Let’s see what the buzz is about.
Well, @OsitaLV is certainly keeping us busy this morning. First, he had what appears to be a DJI patent image that radically alters the Mavic design. And then, a series of images appear to show a really high-end camera coming from DJI. And we do mean high-end.
Let’s take a look.
DJI, we often remind people, isn’t a drone company. It’s a technology company where drones are its most important product line. The company makes pro gimbals like the Ronin line (now renamed) and has deep experience with cameras, including such great systems as its Zenmuse X7 cameras and lenses. It also owns a majority stake in Hasselblad.
Let’s think about this. DJI knows about cameras and builds them for its drones and consumer line of Osmo-style cameras. It’s a world leader in gimbals and stabilization technology. And it’s always eyeing new markets.
Well, @OsitaLV posted multiple images that point now to something new: A complete camera and gimbal system, apparently using the X7 interchangeable lenses:
The future of OSMO.
The Tweet contained four images. Let’s pop them up:
We are definitely not surprised to see these images. In fact, we reported on some leaked images in December (thanks, @OsitaLV) that showed parts of this camera:
There was also this:
Based on the photos, we’d say probably. How soon? Well, this year. Beyond that, we don’t know.
But we know enough about DJI to think this makes perfect sense. We also know that Production Manager Paul Pan, an American who lives in Shenzhen, is very much involved with this kind of product development. Paul is also a brilliant camera geek who’s totally in tune with the requirements of pro shooters, including film directors and pro DOPs (directors of photography) who work in Hollywood. He’s a leading force behind the Ronin lines (as well as iconic drones like the Inspire 2), and he lives for this stuff. If that guy has been involved, you know it’s going to meet even the most demanding needs.
We suspect this camera will shoot 8K and compete with cameras made by RED, along with the ARRI Alexa line. We also really look forward to seeing this.
And Paul, if you happen to see this, feel free to send a loaner our way. 😉
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