New Verdigris Police Drone Helps Locate Suspects, Missing People – News On 6

A small-town police department in Green Country has a big city tool to help track suspects and locate missing people.
The Verdigris Police Department said its new drone compares to a police helicopter in the way it can track heat and movement. It’s not your average drone.
“I do get excited when they say Luke, we need the drone,” said Luke Miller.
Luke Miller built the system in the back of his SUV and now he operates it for Verdigris police.
He works in for the department’s IT department and it’s something they’ve talked about for a while, but, just recently got the funds.
“This is far from a toy,” said Verdigris Asst. Chief Darrin Hester. “It has thermal imaging and tracking and can record the response of the drone.”
“This is during the day, it doesn’t matter day or night, it’ll see the thermal imaging,” Miller said.
The drone has an 8K Camera and can zoom in with incredible detail from hundreds of feet away. Assistant Chief Darrin Hester said this can save them hours of time, which is critical for a small department.
“It’s not just about searching, it’s about narrowing that location,” said Hester. “It cuts down on response time and the search area.”
Just a few weeks ago, they used the drone to help find a missing 10-year-old, and in the video, you can see when they found the boy and directed him to officers.
“I can get up and look at the whole field and say if there’s any heat whatsoever,” Miller said.
It’s also helped in two manhunts, and officers will soon be able to livestream the footage from their vehicles. Hester said they’re grateful for this new tool and for Miller’s help.
“To have somebody kind enough to operate it,” Hester said.
The assistant chief wants people in town to know the department is spending its money to keep people safe and hopes to use this drone for years to come.