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DJI is one of the most popular manufacturers of camera drones in the world, and the company also sells plenty of camera gimbals, action cameras, and other devices. However, DJI has been having a few problems lately, such as its addition to the United States ‘entity list’ last year. Now another issue is affecting DJI’s products, but this time, it’s a software bug that is taking a while to be addressed.
The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were released last month, and now that the phones are arriving in more hands, more people are discovering that the phones don’t work with DJI’s mobile apps (via Android Police). The current versions of the DJI Fly and Mimo apps can’t display live previews on the Pixel 6 series — instead, the video feed from the connected drone or camera is simply a black screen. GPS data and transmitting video files still work, only the live video is broken.
DJI app on Pixel 6DJI app on Pixel 6
Complaints about the problem have been cropping up on social media, as well as DJI’s own support forums. One administrator on the DJI forum said anyone affected by the issue could “borrow or use another compatible mobile device” for using the DJI app.
So @DJIGlobal, what’s the deal with not supporting new Android phones with your DJI Fly app for my Mavic #drone?
I bought a mainstream phone (Pixel 6 Pro) and now I can’t use my drone. ???!!!
What’s up with this and when will it be resolved?
— Tod Cordill (@todcordill) November 19, 2021

Can’t fly my DJI Mini 2 with my Pixel 6 🙁
Just a blank screen, no camera.
Hopefully this gets fixed soon but some quick research shows this is a common problem with @DJIGlobal and newer android phones?#drones #Android
— Michael Wilson (@_miwil_) November 29, 2021

#DJIMini2 #Pixel6 Thirty days and I still can’t use my phone with your application that must be side loaded. Possibly one and done with DJI.
— Paul LePiane (@Paullepiane) November 29, 2021

I will never purchase another @DJIGlobal product. You USED to be the best, but a month after buying my @Google pixel 6 Pro, NONE of my DJI products work. Every other leading competitor does.
What’s the recommendation from the “global leader”? Use your other phone.
Other phone?!
— ActuallyStark (@DrobKGB) November 28, 2021

DJI’s official support account on Twitter said on Wednesday that the Pixel 6 is still undergoing compatibility testing, so there’s still no timeline on when Pixel 6 owners can use their drones and cameras. DJI also hasn’t officially revealed the cause of the software bugs, but considering the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the only phones right now with Google’s Tensor chipset, it’s possible the custom CPU and GPU architecture in Tensor is conflicting with DJI’s live video encoding.
Play Store reviews for DJI’s apps also mention crashes on some phones updated to Android 12, such as the Pixel 4 XL and Samsung Galaxy S21. However, that could be a completely unrelated issue, as most of the Pixel 6 reports indicate the app has no problem opening and connecting to a drone.

XDA » News Brief » Pixel 6 owners are having problems with DJI cameras and drones
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