Back in the day, the Ford Mustang was (and indeed still is) one of the coolest cars around, and whether you were lucky enough to drive one around or only know of them by their awesome rep, you’ll know they’re a sign of “The Cool”. Now, you can bring that same coolness to your sitting room, with this incredible Mustang LP music centre.

Rendered here in bold and stylish red that demands your attention, this LP player is highly versatile, featuring radio, USB and aux inputs, and a 3 speed turntable, perfect for playing music from a variety of sources. It has a built-in amplifier and speakers that makes your records sound even more beautiful than they already do, perfect for playing vintage LP records – the way music was meant to sound.

All of these brilliant functions are played through a stunningly designed piece of equipment, with the classic galloping horse icon emblazoned on a lid designed to resemble the bonnet of the ’65 Stang at its peak. The front of the unit is designed to be a recreation of the Mustang’s control panel, with round dials on either side of the main window and a radio tuner dial modelled after the speedometer, making the entire thing an awesome nostalgia piece as well as an incredible LP player.

Break out your 60’s LPs and get ready to rock ‘n roll – this baby’s the LP player for you!