Most remote control quadcopters with this many features have a pretty hefty price tag, making them the stuff of fantasy for most R/C enthusiasts, but now your dream can become a reality with this awesome Hubsan X4 FPV Drone with GPS.

Brimming with amazing spec, intelligent design and stunning good looks the 4-configuration quadcopter with integrated 1080p video camera and FPV transmitter provides all the capabilities of a pricier drone without breaking the bank!

Flight Time: With most drones giving providing you with under 10 minutes of flying time, the fun can only just get started before you have to stop for a recharge. The intelligent battery with a large capacity extends the flying time to an impressive 20 minutes, giving the opportunity to do more with your drone than ever before.

Follow Me Function: The built-in GPS enables the quad to lock onto the position of the transmitter and track it autonomously. This awesome function lets you record yourself and others remotely, enabling you to steadily and easily record you as you bike, sun, ski – whatever you fancy!

Return Function and Failsafe Mode: Due to the fabulous GPS-backed navigation system, the Hubsan X4 FPV is able to remember its ‘home’ point, letting your drone fly back to the take off point automatically, even when connection is lost with the transmitter. You can also manually trigger Failsafe Mode on your controller, making it almost impossible to lose track of your quad!

Capture Stunning Pictures and Video: Use the 5.8GHz FPV 1080P HD Camera and ultra-stable flight to capture truly stunning video and images onto your micro SD card, all at the touch of a button. The radio transmitter will give you real-time video transmission from the 4.3 inch-wide LCD screen, so you can see exactly what you’re recording in ultra-crisp quality as you fly!

Headless Mode: In this mode, there is no longer a defined front or back, as your drone always moves relative to the pilot – pressing forward moves forward, pressing left moves left, and so on. This keeps flying more intuitive, especially for beginner pilots. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, then don’t worry as it’s completely optional and with one press of a button your back to normal flying.

Altitude and Location Mode: The built-in barometer allows this awesome quadcopter to maintain a cool fixed altitude whilst still being able to move horizontally and rotationally, whilst the location mode allows you to return your quad to the same position each time, no matter how far of course you may get!

Brushless Motor: The X4 FPV features a high efficiency brushless motor, providing the least amount of resistance as you fly. More powerful and durable than your average drone, the precise self-tightening propellers provide a safer and easier to control flight and better performance than their brushed counterparts.

Although this amazing drone has plenty of features to make flying easier than ever, we would still recommend that it only be used by advanced pilots, simply because it has so much power!

Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; please click here.