You know those super inspiring people who just downplay all their achievements? Yeah, that’s the Hubsan Zino Folding Drone. It has an impressive max flight time of 23 minutes and a whole host of flight and photography features, but then a really modest price!

And, to make it even cooler, this kit comes with a carry bag and spare battery, so that’s even more flight time!

About the Hubsan Zino Folding Drone

For starters, this drone has a super cool folding design, so it’s great-looking. And, it has a range 2.5 KM, giving you the chance to really get out and explore.

Under its casing, it’s got a 3100 mAh Li-Po battery, which takes 180 minutes to charge for that 23-minute max airtime we mentioned!


The Zino is fitted with a 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal, which lets you take amazing arial videos as you soar it around. It also has panoramic filming and line fly mode, giving you awesome options for your aerial videos.

Flight Features

This clever drone uses sensors to deliver amazing flight features. It has GPS orbiting, a ‘follow me’ function, and image tracking for following targets. It has an automatic return home feature plus a failsafe if you lose control, so you’ll never run into any trouble in the air.

Whether you want to record amazing videos or just have a super fun time flying, the Hubsan Zino Folding Drone is just what you need!