So, you want an amazing, folding drone with stabilised video and intelligent flight… but you don’t have thousands of pounds to drop on it? No problem. You just need a Hubsan Zino Folding Drone!

Take amazing photos and videos

The Hubsan Zino has a built-in 4K camera that sits in a 3-axis gyroscope, delivering ultra-smooth footage in ultra HD! You can transmit this footage back to your smartphone for first-person flying or you can automatically broadcast it online. And, with features like panoramic filming and line-fly mode, you’ll have cinematic footage to show off.

An intelligent flying experience with built-in GPS

With the Zino’s internal GPS, you can use all sorts of intelligent features to make flying easy and take your filming to the next level. Plot flight paths with waypoint mode, have it lock onto objects in follow-me mode, or even orbit a particular point!

It has headless mode, allowing any point of the drone to become the front. So, when you steer it a particular direction on the controller, it always flies that way, regardless of which ways it’s pointing. In addition, it has altitude hold and a return home function, letting it come back to you with the push of a button. And, if its battery starts to deplete while you’re still flying around, it has an auto-return failsafe which will bring it home safely.

Impressive specs

The Hubsan Zino has an intelligent, 11.4V 3100mAh battery that gives it a whopping flight time of up to 23 minutes – practically an age in the drone world. Plus, it has a flight range of 2.5km with a transmission range of 1km, and it whizzes along at 60km/h!

So, for a drone that’s full to the brim with amazing features but doesn’t cost as much as a private jet filled with caviar, order this Hubsan Zino Folding Drone now!

Please note: Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; see here