Drawing in three dimensions is pretty sweet, right? Well, it’s even sweeter when you’re drawing with candy! That’s the world of the Menkind-exclusive Polaroid Candy Play 3D Pen!

This easy to use pen uses edible filament that’s available in six different flavours, or a mix if you just can’t decide:

It’s sugar-free and totally vegan!

You get four free strawberry-flavoured cartridges to start with. Plus, you get a finishing cartridge that lets you use every bit of candy in the cartridge. And, when you’re ready for more, we have candy refills on our site!

Have fun designing all sorts of creations, from lollipops to sweet houses, crowns to delicate flowers. It’s great for designing personalised party treats to cake toppings! And, if it doesn’t work out the first time, you can just eat it and start again.

So, for some sweet fun order your Polaroid Candy Play 3D Pen now!