Unleash your inner Jedi and move things with just the motion of your hand! OK, maybe not all things… but definitely this RED5 Motion Control Drone – Red Edition!

Yep, this super-special red edition drone is here to help you get the hang of drone-flying without having to operate confusing remote controllers.

This drone is designed to respond to the gestures of its motion-sensitive remote control, which fits easily onto your hand! You simply move your hand forwards, backwards, left, and right and the drone moves in the same direction. And, to make it even easier to fly, it has a 6-axis gyro control for stable flight and ‘headless mode’, which lets any side of the drone become the front (so you’ll never get confused and steer it the wrong way).

When you feel you’re ready to start trying stunts, you won’t find those difficult, either. This motion-controlled drone can perform a 360° barrel roll with just the push of a button. And, so you can fly it day and night, it flashes with colourful LEDs, letting you spot it easily in the night sky!

This drone comes with a 3.7V li-po rechargeable battery, which charges via USB (cable included). It gives you 5 to 8 minutes flying time and you only need to charge it for around 30 minutes, letting you get back in the air in next to no time!

So, if the drone craze is leaving you with major FOMO, but you don’t fancy diving right into a remote controlled quadcopter, get your hands (or just one hand) on the RED5 Motion Control Drone – Red Edition today!