With super easy controls and great features, the Venom VN10 Eagle Recon Drone is awesome for everyone who’s into drones, from beginners up!

The simple controls let you start and stop the rotors with one button, and it has auto-hover at the height you choose, so you don’t have to fight the controls and can rather focus on taking great videos.

Did we say videos? Yep, this drone has a built-in camera that takes both videos and stills. You can even set the lens angle before flight, making sure you get the best views. And, all videos are recorded onto an onboard SD card (not included) as you fly.

Take amazing aerial shots as you fly this drone around, building through the 3 speed modes, and even get some footage of the 360° loops that you pull with the easy stunt feature.

If you know anyone who’s keen to get started in the drone flying world or who wants a drone that can do a little more, this Venom VN10 Eagle Recon Drone is a brilliant choice!