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You must watch this insane Pro Bowl commercial shot by FPV drone specialist Johnny Schaer on the RED Komodo. This time, the FPV (First Person View) drone is maneuvering through the Las Vegas Strip all the way to Allegiant Stadium. Pure adrenaline shot ahead.
The term Cinema FPV is not an official nor academic term. It’s a definition that we, at Y.M.Cinema Magazine, gave to the emerging methodologies of utilizing FPV (First Person View) drones for cinema. These drones are not limited by any axis of movement and thus can perform super fast kinetic aerial shots. This concept has conquered Hollywood, Netflix, and now top high-end commercials. For more info about Cinema FPV, head to our articles:
When shooting with an FPV drone, you need to accumulate experience and knowledge. Due to the high level of fast and sensitive maneuverability, the chances of crashing are very much valid. Moreover, in high-end productions, a cinema camera will be lifted by the FPV drone. Hence, crashing is not an option. In almost 100% of the cases, compact cinema camera will be utilized. Indeed, the birth of the RED Digital Cinema Komodo has expanded the number of productions that use FPV drones for their unique aerial shots. Nevertheless, finding good experienced FPV pilots is a crucial factor in initiating that kind of shot. Johnny Schaer (nickname: Johnny FPV) is an FPV drone pilot that earned his experience by flying racing drones that share the same aerial techniques. Recently, Johnny uses the RED Komodo to be paired with his drones for commercial purposes. For instance, check out this amazing Pro Bowl 2022 Commercial.
“Go rip up the Las Vegas Strip’ hahaha challenge accepted”
The producers of the 2022 Pro Bowl commercial asked Johnny to “Rip up the Las Vegas Strip” and to fly into the Allegiant Stadium. Johnny used the RED Komodo for that project by utilizing the global shutter of the camera to prevent artifacts resulting from the super-fast aerial turns. The results are insane. Watch the commercial below:

What are your thoughts about using FPV drones for high-end commercials?
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First Person View, not first point view.
Right! Corrected. Thx, Yossy
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