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It’s the perfect time of year to take to the skies! Get a crystal-clear view of the world around you with any of these awesome drones and quadcopters. Plus, all of these drones are on sale for 15% off during the Pre-Black Friday sale if you use code SAVE15NOV.
This drone is everything you’re looking for in a backpack drone. It comes with a 4K HD camera, stable flight functions, and it only takes 40 minutes to get a full charge. 
Get the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera for $67.99 (reg. $149) with code SAVE15NOV.
The Copernicus packs a lot of power in a small frame. This mini drone has an HD camera you can view from your phone, a 360-degree flight angle, and is a breeze to operate. 
Get the Copernicus Mini Drone for $63.71 (reg. $90) with code SAVE15NOV.
Two wide-angle HD cameras and the ability to follow yourself from above means you can take a full third-person view with this drone. Control it with the companion app and take it anywhere with a few folds. 
Get the Ninja Dragon Dual 4K Wide Angle 3D Flip Quadcopter for $84.15 (reg. $169) with code SAVE15NOV.
Fly for a full 20 minutes off one charge with this 6-channel quadcopter. When you’re done flying, just hit the return button and watch your drone make its way back to you.  
Get the Ninja Dragon J10X Wi-Fi RC Quadcopter Drone with 4K HD Camera for $84.15 (reg. $199) with code SAVE15NOV.
Stream your flight live and see the world from 260 feet above! Turn on the built-in LED lights, and you’ll have a show to see from below too. 
Get the Ninja Dragon Max Flip Headless HD Camera Gesture Control Drone for $84.15 (reg. $169) with code SAVE15NOV.
This drone is equipped with two powerful cameras for front and bottom angles. Get a real-time first-person view streamed to an app on your phone. 
Get the Ninja Dragon Alpha Z PRO 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone for $84.99 (reg. $199) with code SAVE15NOV.
Smart flight controls and real-time streaming make the Blade X uniquely capable for any drone, let alone one with this price. Take flight with a whole menu of impressive controls and press the one-click return when you’re done for the day. 
Get the Ninja Dragon Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone for $75.65 (reg. $199) if you use code SAVE15NOV during the Pre-Black Friday Sale.
Over a thousand meters of flight distance and remarkably responsive controls are what set this drone apart from the crowd. And while you’re navigating the skies, get an immaculate HD view with the built-in HD camera. 
Get the Black GPS 4K Drone 106 Pro with Gimbal & Electronic Image Stabilization for $58.61 (reg. $68) with code SAVE15NOV.
This drone gives you intuitive controls and laser accuracy to pinpoint your location whenever you use your GPS Drone. Get perfectly stable footage through your flight up to 1,200 meters away. 
Get the 4K Dual-Camera Pro GPS Drone for $59.46 (reg. $69) with code SAVE15NOV.
The Black YLR is as sleek as it is fun. Get 25 minutes of lightning-fast flight on one charge with the YLR. 
Get the Black YLR/C S32T HD 4K Single Camera Drone for $84.96 (reg. $410) with code SAVE15NOV.
You’ll get an impressively stable view with this drone the entire time you’re flying. And if you want to give yourself a wild ride, pull up gesture control and fly with the point of a finger. 
Get the Bronze Senior GPS 4K Dual Camera Drone 106 with Gimbal and EIS (Black) for $67.96 (reg. $320) if you use code SAVE15NOV.
Fly wherever you want on this 800mAh battery! You’ll even be able to pick out your drone at night if you flip on the LED lights. 
Get the E99 Pro 4K Dual Camera Precision HD Foldable Drone for $63.71 (reg. $285) iwith code SAVE15NOV.
There’s no better view than the one you’ll get in real-time while flying through the air with your Dark Gray Eachine. A dual-camera view and multiple impressive flight functions make this drone well worth your time. 
Get the Dark Gray Eachine E58 4K HD Camera Flying Drone for $53.51 (reg. $225) with code SAVE15NOV.
This quadcopter can hold a stable flight and a first-person view to give you a unique perspective on the world around you. It’s also just a few inches wide when you fold it up, so you can take the sky wherever you want. 
Get the Newest Gray E68 Drone 2 with 4K/1080P Wide-Angle Camera & WiFi for $67.96 (reg. $320) with code SAVE15NOV.
Four control channels and a three-axis gyroscope are what sets this drone apart from the flock. The 8K camera is just a bonus. 
Get the KAI ONE Pro 8K HD Drone with Mechanical 3-Axis Gimbal, Dual Camera, 5G, WiFi & GPS for $254.96 (reg. $1,000) with code SAVE15NOV.
The Flying Fox earns its name with super responsive controls on four channels. Finish up your flight with the one-key auto return. 
Get the Ninja Dragon Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone for $84.15 (reg. $199) with code SAVE15NOV.
If you’re tired of short flights from other drones, grab the EXO Blackhawk and its three spare batteries. Each is equipped to give you 43 minutes of flight and video each! You can take some great shots with that much flight time, and you can even slow down the video up to 40% to linger on your best moments. 
Get the EXO Blackhawk Drone: Explorer Bundle for $730.99 (reg. $1,078) with code SAVE15NOV.
The Cinemaster will give you a crisp 4K video feed, a long flight from interchangeable batteries, and a lot more. Bonus: If you ever get a little too enthusiastic with your flight, it comes with 1 year of crash insurance. 
Get the EXO Cinemaster 4K Dynamic Drone – Standard Package for $372.29 (reg. $548) with code SAVE15NOV.
The people behind the X7 partnered with Sony to give you a 2K video feed you can watch live. For that entire flight, you can stream your adventure straight to your phone. 
Get the EXO X7 Ranger 4K Dynamic Camera Drone for $236.29 (reg. $327) with code SAVE15NOV.
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