Saudi air defenses destroy 2 Houthi drones targeting Khamis Mushait – Arab News
DUBAI: Saudi air defenses have destroyed two Houthi drones targeting the Kingdom’s Khamis Mushait, Al-Ekhbariya TV reported on Wednesday.
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia announced two deaths from COVID-19 and 42 new infections on Wednesday.
Of the new cases, 17 were recorded in Riyadh, eight in  Jeddah, four in Makkah, two in Qatif, two in Dhahran, and two in Sabya. Several other cities recorded one new case each.
The total number of recoveries in the Kingdom increased to 538,412 after 39 more patients recovered from the virus.
A total of 8,820 people have succumbed to the virus in the Kingdom so far.
Over 46.8 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine have been administered in the Kingdom to date.
ROME: Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, the supervisor-general of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, participated as a key guest speaker at the meeting of the second regular session of the executive board of the World Food Programme in Rome on Monday.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah extended his thanks to the organization and the executive board for inviting him to participate in the meeting.
He congratulated the organization for being awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, stating that this prize is very well-deserved and reflects the world community’s understanding of the vital role being played by the organization in alleviating the suffering of people around the world.
He stated that the partnership between Saudi Arabia and the World Food Programme extends over 45 years. From the outset of the partnership, he said, the cooperation was based on mutual dedication to providing urgent and comprehensive assistance, particularly food aid, to communities and populations facing severe food shortages due to crises such as natural disasters, conflicts, and internal and cross-border migration.
Up to this year, the center has contributed $1.23 billion to organizations for food assistance programs in 24 countries. In Yemen, 27 programs have been implemented with the organization at a cost of $1.16 billion.
The partnership between Saudi Arabia and the World Food Programme extends over 45 years. From the outset of the partnership, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah said, the cooperation was based on mutual dedication to providing urgent and comprehensive assistance to communities facing severe food shortages.
The secretary-general said that the partnership between the center and the World Food Programme began in the wake of the 1973 economic crisis. The Kingdom provided $50 million to the organization between 1975 and 1976 to support food aid projects for those affected by the crisis.
This donation played a major role in establishing the organization as a distinguished international humanitarian actor.
When the global financial crisis erupted in 2008, the Kingdom announced the provision of an historic and generous grant of $500 million to the World Food Programme to provide urgent assistance for millions of people affected by high food prices.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah said: “In 2014, the Kingdom contributed more than $200 million to provide food for displaced families in Iraq, as well as refugees from Syria, South Sudan and Somalia. The Kingdom continued its role in supporting the organization through providing, between 2005 and 2021, an estimated $1.9 billion to support 124 projects in the food and food security sectors.
“In addition, the Kingdom’s annual ‘Gift of Dates’ project has provided 4,500 tons of Saudi-grown dates to be distributed through the organization to provide nutritional assistance and support for communities in need in a number of countries.”
RIYADH: Riyadh Toy Festival, the biggest toy festival worldwide, is currently underway as part of Riyadh Season 2021.

Under the slogan “Explore, Play and Shop,” the festival features some of the world’s most prominent toy companies, including Disney, Mattel Games, Hasbro, Toy Bro, Moonbug and MGA Games.

The festival, which started on Nov. 12, will run until Nov. 21, during which individual visitors and families have the opportunity to explore the 19 international brands that have launched more than 500 new games for the first time.

Sarah Asad, an organizer at HayatiGirl, a famous toy brand for girls in the region, explained to Arab News about the company’s offerings at the festival.

“The concept of (the first) corner is to make girls live as if they are princesses,” she said. “We have almost seven corners in total: Four crafting corners, a salon where girls can color their nails and wear crowns like princesses, and a dress-up corner where girls can wear skirts like princesses and take photos. We also teach them how to make teddy bear shapes and create cards to give to their loved ones.”

According to Asad, though free, VIP ticket holders can get fast passes to access the corners. She also mentioned that there is a time limit for each corner, either 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the activity.

The festival provides visitors with a variety of safe recreational options made by the most prominent international brands. Each corner presents famous cartoon characters, and kids show characters like Cocomelon, Sonic, Peppa Pig, and characters from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

The festival also offers live and exclusive shows presented by celebrities, influencers, and international YouTube content makers, such as Blippi, the Moshaya family, and the Anasala family.

Rasha Rizk, a Syrian singer, is hosting a concert at the festival — an opportunity to experience unforgettable moments for young people and families, relive memories through the songs of the famous cartoon channel Spacetoon.

Miriam Shawbah, a teacher from Lebanon, told Arab News how her four-year-old child, Christopher, is excited to see Blippi. “I would like to thank everyone for this big and beautiful event, filled with many games for kids and everyone … We are enjoying our time here,” she said.

“The things in Riyadh have changed a lot since we (last) came here 16 years ago; it changed into something so beautiful, and I think of Riyadh as my home away from home,” she added.

Visitors can shop and take advantage of great offers and discounts for children’s toys from famous local and international brands.

Riyadh Toy Festival is located at Riyadh Front, one of the 14 zones of Riyadh Season. People can buy their entry ticket through Riyadh Season’s app or website.
RIYADH: Saudi enforcement courts have undertaken 297 applications for the enforcement of foreign rulings, and local and foreign arbitration awards worth SR2.4 billion (nearly $640 million) in total in 2021.
“The Saudi judiciary works to enforce foreign rulings and arbitration awards under reciprocal international agreements,” the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Justice said. “The goal is to ensure rights and contracts, enhance the business environment, and attract foreign investment.”
According to the ministry’s statistics, the value of local arbitration awards filed for enforcement has reached SR1.1 billion, while the value of foreign arbitration awards and rulings has reached about SR1.3 billion.
The enforcement comes as part of the Kingdom’s commitment to apply international judicial agreements. Saudi law provides that foreign judgments shall be enforced directly by enforcement judges, with no need for filing a new lawsuit. Under Article 9 of the Enforcement Law, foreign judgments and arbitration awards are recognized as enforcement instruments, and can be filed directly to the enforcement court after completing the statutory requirements.
Meanwhile, the commercial arbitration process in Saudi Arabia has undergone a full transformation in recent years, with advances likely to help increase foreign direct investment, as the government aims to attract hundreds of international organizations to set up regional headquarters in the Kingdom, a legal expert told Arab News.  
RIYADH: Sixty participants representing several governmental and private sectors will examine how reforms have enhanced Saudi women’s role in society in an upcoming empowerment conference titled “Empowering women and their developmental role in the era of King Salman.”
The conference will take place at the Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Under the patronage of Princess Fahda bint Falah Al-Hithlain, the conference aims to highlight how the legislative reforms in the era of King Salman have helped empower women and enhance their role in achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.
The three-day conference will also shed light on government projects and initiatives that support the empowerment of Saudi women in various fields, the role of modern media in promoting the empowerment of women, and raising their profile in the development of society, especially in Saudi universities.
Other themes will include how offering Saudi citizenship has strengthened women and families, enhanced women’s participation in education and training, and how this will prepare them to play a more prominent and influential role in society.
Dr. Nouf Bint Abdul Aali Al-Ajmi, the deputy rector of Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University for Female Student Affairs, said that in the past few years, the Kingdom had witnessed an expansion in the leadership role of Saudi women in all sectors “as women have assumed leadership positions and proved themselves after she had exercised limited executive roles,” she told Arab News.
Al-Ajmi, who is also the university’s vice president and chairwoman of the conference’s organizing committee, stressed the importance of the role of women as an investment that will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. One of the Vision 2030 strategies is to increase women’s quota in leadership positions through training and leadership guidance for female cadres.
“The university seeks, in accordance with its strategic plan 2025, to enable women to work creatively and innovatively,” she said. “Women should participate in decision-making, in addition to creating equal opportunities with men in assuming leadership positions, studying modern specializations, scholarship, and training.”
Dr. Nuwair Al-Shammari, deputy dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication at the university and the conference’s media committee chairwoman, said the indicators of the empowerment of women in the university had seen a qualitative leap over the past three years. The indicators are in line with the directives of King Salman in realizing the objectives of Vision 2030 under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.
Al-Shammari told Arab News that the university achieved a great leap through nine key indicators in empowering women in university education. The most important of these are increasing leadership positions, as the university has enabled 120 academies to hold essential and new leadership positions in the university.
In addition, there is an upsurge in female academic participation in the decision-making process, strategic planning, and university committees. There has been an uptick in implementing quality training programs, which exceeded 3,000 that targeted all of its staff, including programs to qualify women leaders, in addition to introducing new specializations for female students in the media, medicine, and pharmacy. There has been an expansion of postgraduate programs for female students through the introduction of 47 new programs, which increased the proportion of female scholarship students continuing their studies.
Dr. Nasrin Al-Sayari, vice president of the conference’s organizing committee, said that through its plans for the empowerment of women, the university worked to develop King Abdullah City for Female Students, which has become a distinguished academic and cultural landmark in the city of Riyadh.