Siege Y6S4: Camera Gadget Rework, Patch Notes, Release Date, & More – RealSport101

Get those angles covered with ease in Operation High Calibre!
Rainbow Six Siege’s next major title update is hitting the Test Servers and that means we’re not far away from the next season of content – Y6S4, Operation High Calibre. There’s going to be quite a few tweaks and changes to gameplay mechanics in this update – Finka’s Adrenal Surge is being reworked slightly, for one – however, there’s something else you should know about. All the Camera Gadget items in-game are getting a rework and we have everything you need to know about them below.
To put it plainly, Cameras and Drones are going to start feeling a lot more similar following the Y6S4 update.
Both Cameras and Drones will now lose connection after a few seconds when outside of the main building – no matter which map you’re on. Bulletproof Cameras, Black Eye Cameras, and Maestro’s Alibi Cameras are all affected.
The development team have suggested that this will strengthen Valkyrie when she’s inside the location – as she’ll have more Camera Gadget ammunition to spare after the rework. The development team also aim to reduce the time it takes to access Camera Gadgets for both Zero and Valkyrie – you should be able to open up the feed mid-deployment now for instant access.
If you want a better look at what we’re talking about, check out the Operation High Calibre Reveal video below:
That might not be all the details, but it should give you a heads-up on what to expect in Y6S4. We’re expecting the next set of pre-season Designer’s Notes to drop soon, though, and these should contain all the details you would need to know.
You should also be able to check out the new Camera Gadget rework in the Siege Test Servers if you fancy it. If not, you might have to wait until late November – or early December – when Operation High Calibre is expected.