Snag a dual camera drone for under $65 during our pre-Black Friday sale – Mashable

TL;DR: The GPS 4K Drone 106 Pro is only $63.71 as of Nov. 1 when you enter the code SAVE15NOV at checkout.
Drones certainly aren’t known for their affordability. With the ability to glide through the sky, snap photos from an angle you never could, and even show you real-time video footage, a couple hundred bucks seems like a fair price for one of these flying gizmos. But for a limited time, you can get one for just $63.71, making this a Black Friday-level deal weeks ahead of the rush.
With dual HD cameras and electronic image stabilization, the GPS 4K Drone 106 Pro is a force to be reckoned with. Not only can you snap high-quality 4K photos from a bird’s eye view, but you can also watch the world go by from a first-person perspective, as if you were actually gliding through the clouds. 
Whether you’re an experienced drone pilot or a complete newbie, this drone is user-friendly and easy to get off the ground. Just unfold its arms and use either the remote control or compatible app to take flight. Thanks to headless mode, you can lock the direction of the remote controller so the drone won’t have to distinguish direction. The altitude hold mode and three-axis mechanical gimbal ensure it stays steady in motion, so you won’t lose control in the air. The optical flow provides more accurate and stable hovering as well, so any footage you take from the sky will be steady.
Once you gain some confidence as a pilot, you can even control your drone with the point of a finger or the wave of your arm, thanks to gesture control. And when it’s time to fly back home, you can touch a single button and watch the drone head back to you in an instant. Then fold it back up and pack it to go; about the size of your palm, it’ll easily fit in your backpack or purse.
Regularly $89, which is already a steal, you can score this 4K Dual Camera Drone on sale ahead of Black Friday for just $63.71 when you enter the code SAVE15NOV at checkout.
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