Southern California group rallies against vaccine mandates for kids following court setback – Yahoo News

Parents and students joined an advocacy group Monday at Balboa Park in San Diego to show their opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates for kids.
Donald Trump brought the "Betrayal" author into the Oval Office and things took a "rather bizarre" turn.
President Biden said in New Hampshire on Tuesday that his house burned down with his wife Jill Biden inside, adding to a long list of personal stories he’s embellished over the years.
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/GettyMyPillow chief and 2020 dead-ender Mike Lindell has long promised that he would file an election-fraud complaint with the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. But now he claims to have missed that goal because he was silenced by Republican National Committee Chairperson Ronna McDaniel.It was a last-minute pressure campaign orchestrated by the RNC and McDaniel that prevented his case from moving forward and “saving the country,” Lindell now a
A group of House Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., penned a letter urging the Senate's Democratic leadership to ignore the Senate Parliamentarian ruling that a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants cannot be included in a budget reconciliation bill.
What McCarthy is suggesting isn’t in Build Back Better. McCarthy is criticizing a different proposal, but he leaves out many key details.
One property was valued to lenders at a number more than 30 times what the Trump Organization said it was worth in tax documents.
Kyle Rittenhouse chose the right state to let his hair down after his acquittal last week. It’s not because he gets to enjoy Florida’s 70-degree fall weather while Kenosha, Wisconsin — where he shot three men, two to death — sees freezing temperatures. It’s not because of Florida’s party scene, which the average teenager is more interested in than semi-automatic rifles.
Tennessee has finally laid out the consequences for educators found to be teaching certain topics regarding race prohibited by a new state law.
Armed Trump zealots would “bear roughly the same symbiotic relationship to the GOP that the IRA had to the Sinn Fein party,” warned Max Boot.
A few big rigs carried oilfield equipment on a winding road near Chaco Culture National Historical Park, cutting through desert badlands and sage. This swath of northwestern New Mexico has been at the center of a decades-long battle over oil and gas development. On Monday, U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland joined pueblo leaders at the park to reflect on her office's announcement last week that it would seek to withdraw federal land holdings within 10 miles (16 kilometers) of its boundary, making the area off-limits to oil and gas leasing for 20 years.
MOSCOW (Reuters) -Russia has demanded that 13 foreign and mostly U.S. technology companies be officially represented on Russian soil by the end of 2021 or face possible restrictions or outright bans. The demand, from state communications regulator Roskomnadzor late on Monday, gave few details of what exactly the companies were required to do and targeted some firms that already have Russian offices. Foreign social media giants with more than 500,000 daily users have been obliged to open offices in Russia since a new law took effect on July 1.
Anxious Turks struggled to keep up with a bewildering collapse in their currency and the main opposition party leader said the country was experiencing its darkest "catastrophe" as the lira slumped 15% on Tuesday against the dollar. Tuesday's meltdown follows weeks of steep falls in the lira which have already driven up prices, leaving ordinary Turks reconsidering everything from their holiday plans to weekly grocery shopping. "There has not been such a catastrophe in the history of the Republic," said Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the opposition Republican People's Party, blaming the currency freefall on President Tayyip Erdogan who has led the country since 2003.
A vaccine-or-testing rule for larger businesses is already controversial. Democrats want to hike fines for workplace safety violations to up to $700K.
Letters: Readers are mad at U.S. senators and representatives from Kansas for infrastructure vote
REUTERSThe head of the Oklahoma Republican Party on Tuesday called on Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to resign after she expressed the party’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community at a gala earlier this month.In an 1,100-word fundraising email headed “RNC Chair MUST Change Course or RESIGN,” OKGOP chair John Bennett said McDaniel “must resign” if “she cannot or will not stand for who we say we are.”“The OKGOP will not cooperate with this decision and, as your Chairman, I a
Shortly after his house arrest ended, Cohen told CNN that others in Trump's orbit will be prosecuted.
CHICAGO — During the height of the first coronavirus wave, Chicago police Officer James Murray found himself standing guard on the front porches of sick residents, trying to reassure anxious relatives desperate to see their loved ones while paramedics tended to them. He lost a friend in the Police Department to COVID-19 around the same time. Later on, he said, he also contracted the virus. But …
JERUSALEM (Reuters) -Israel sharpened its rhetoric against Iranian combat drones on Tuesday, disclosing what it said were two bases used to carry out maritime attacks with the remote-controlled planes and offering to cooperate with Arab partners on counter-measures. Gulf Arab countries share Israeli concerns about such drones, seeing the hand of Iran or its allies in aerial attacks on shipping or on energy facilities in Saudi Arabia. "Today I reveal to you two central bases in the area of Chabahar and Qeshm island in south Iran, from which operations in the maritime arena were launched, and where today, too, advanced Shahed attack drones are deployed," Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz told a televised security conference.
Parnell suspended his campaign on Monday after a judge awarded his estranged wife sole legal custody of their children amid abuse allegations.
Both lead deep-red states, but Kansas’ Democratic governor gets higher marks. | Editorial