The Dronut X1 is a drone without any visible propellers –

While drones are becoming more mainstream, most companies have coalesced around the same design. As DJI’s recent efforts have shown, such as the Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine, consumer drones rely on four propellers to keep them airborne. However, these propellers make drones not ideal for use indoors or in tight spaces where they could face multiple obstacles at once.
In response, Cleo Robotics has developed the Dronut X1, a drone that lacks any external propellers. Instead, the Dronut X1 has propellers built within its chassis, as the video below shows. Accordingly, the drone contains cut-outs vents for displaced air to escape.
Cleo Robotics has equipped the Dronut X1 with an unnamed Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC and numerous sensors. The drone also has a LiDAR scanner for improved navigation, along with LED lights that serve as headlights. Apparently, the Dronut X1 has a 1 km range and a built-in 4K camera for capturing video or photos, too.
The Dronut X1 weighs 425 g and is intended for use in industry, rather than at home. Correspondingly, Cleo Robotics has priced the Dronut X1 at US$9,800.
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Cleo Robotics via Design Boom & Gizmochina
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