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By Tom Llewellyn
When will The Orbital Children release on Netflix, what is the new outer space anime about and where do you recognize the voice cast from?
Anime content received an incredible push by Netflix in 2021 and this week, the streaming giant is set to launch its first major animated title of the new year.
The Orbital Children may be flying under the radar of the mainstream anime community, but there are some serious expectations that the new title could be out-of-this-world.
So, what is the new Netflix anime about and when will season 1 of The Orbital Children release around the world?
The Orbital Children is an upcoming anime series from Production +h, written and directed by Mitsuo Iso (Ghost in the Shell, Rurouni Kenshin and Blade Runner: Black Lotus).
The series, also known as ‘Extra-terrestrial Boys and Girls’ is set in outer space in the year 2045 on a Japanese commercial space station.
One day, a mysterious accident occurs that leaves a group of young children stranded on the space station, three from Earth and two that were born on the moon.
With limited communications, can the children survive in space long enough for rescue using highly-advanced artificial intelligence and drones?
“In 2045, two children born on the moon and three kids from Earth try to survive after an accident on their space station leaves them stranded.” – Preview synopsis, via Netflix.
The Orbital Children is scheduled to release worldwide via the Netflix streaming platform on Friday, January 28, 2022.
The six-episode first season will premiere from the following international times:
Fans should note that the described release times are based on Netflix’s typical update window for new, non-simulcast content – this article will be updated accordingly if there is a surprise alteration for The Orbital Children’s launch.
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The good news for The Orbital Children is that a second season is already on the way and will actually release next month on Netflix!
This is because, in Japan, where the title is produced, The Orbital Children is being released as a movie that will contain two parts.
Netflix has instead opted to break the two films up into separate television ‘seasons’, with both consisting of six individual episodes.
Part 2 of The Orbital Children will release in Japanese theatres and on Netflix from February 11, 2022.
We are excited to announce that “The Orbital Children” will be available to stream globally on Netflix as a 6-episode series starting on Jan 28, 2022!!

The movie will be released in two parts in theaters in Japan: Jan 28 and Feb 11 as well as the simultaneous release on DVD&BR!
Despite focusing on a group of young kids, The Orbital Children features a stellar voice cast of actors and actresses from Japan.
Mitsuo Iso’s groundbreaking sci-fi series Den-noh Coil (Dennou Coil) hits Netflix Jan 27! you have a day to binge it all before The Orbital Children comes out 😎
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