This drone has dual 4K cameras, auto return, and a whole lot more for only $75 – ZDNet

Now you can get stunning high definition stills and video from up to 1,200 meters with optical image stabilization, remote control, and a great many other features without spending a fortune.

If you’ve been looking at camera drones and haven’t quite been able to make up your mind which one to get, you can stop searching right now, because the Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera has all the features you want and it’s on sale right now for just $74.95.
The dual 4K cameras on this drone can capture more stable videos, as well as high-definition photos, thanks to electronic image stabilization and a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. An altitude hold mode function provides a steadier flight with foldable arms. And its optical flow offers more balanced and accurate hovering as it flies.
A remote control is included which allows you to navigate your drone from longer distances of up to 1,200 meters or from greater heights. A headless mode locks the direction of the drone’s heading to the direction of the remote control, while a gesture control mode will let you use an app to control the direction of the drone by pointing your finger.
The drone has one key takeoff and landing, as well as automatic return. Combined with the GPS, the drone can automatically find its way back to the exact spot from where it took off. Drone enthusiasts love this drone. Verified purchaser m r. said:
…giving as Xmas gift, hope it goes over well, I’m sure it should….as the receiver loves this drone!!!…thanks for the deal… 🙂 !!!
So you know it’s both a popular choice and a great deal. And if you’d like to have as much fun at work as you do playing with your drone, you should train for a career as a game developer.
Don’t pass up this opportunity to see the world and take glorious photos of it from above, get the Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera while it’s on sale for only $74.95, a 16% discount off the regular $89 MSRP.
Prices subject to change.
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