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FPV drone specialist Johnny Schaer (Johnny FPV) has published a video that shows all the FPV (First Point View) drone footage of Red Notice. The drone was built especially for the film, and the camera on it was a prototype of the RED Digital Cinema action camera, the KOMODO.
We wrote about Red Notice before, as an example for a Netflix project that was shot on custom-made RED Ranger Monstro, and utilized a custom-made drone that is able to lift a small cinema camera. In that case, the lifted camera was a prototype of the RED Komodo 6K action camera. Red Notice was heavily based on the FPV drone shots (=-Cinema FPV) in order to amplify the action. In fact, there were 8 drone pilots and operators, which indicates that the aerial action shots of the film are based on drones, instead of helis. Moreover, Red Notice is one of the first big-budget films that used the RED Komodo (Read: ‘Red Notice’ is a Proof That Cinema FPV Conquered Netflix).
We flew one of the first prototypes of the Komodo camera shooting in 6k, propelling the image quality of an FPV drone waaay forward.
The pilot of the FPV drone that shot the aerial action sequences is Johnny Schaer (nickname: Johnny FPV). It appears that Schaer has utilized one of the first prototypes of the RED Komodo in order to assemble an FPV system that can be precisely maneuvered to capture complex shots within a blockbuster production. As stated by Schaer: “This is seriously such a dream come true, one that’s been many years in the making. My first feature film! (and the first usage of FPV in a feature film ever?!). A MASSIVE thank you to director Rawson Marshall Thurber and director of photography Markus Förderer, ASC BVK. These two had the vision to try out the new and mysterious tool of FPV flying for their film… Risk takers. Legends. What an epic adventure”
According to Schaer, Red Notice is the first feature film that uses pure cinema aerial FPV techniques. “This whole concept was also brought to life by the amazing team at RED Digital Cinema. We flew one of the first prototypes of the Komodo camera shooting in 6k, propelling the image quality of an FPV drone waaay forward” Schaer says. Below you can watch about 2 minutes of the Red Notice FPV drone sequences! Enjoy:

What do you think about those shots? Do they convince you to use Cinema FPV in your productions? 
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